Baltimore indie rockers Thunder Club have released their second EP, Summer Vice, and are on a quest to take it to the top. With an upbeat attitude and songs to match, Thunder Club are sure to win over the hearts of many. Continue reading to learn more about the band and their new music.

Can you share a little more about yourself and your background in music?
Well, Dominique, Thunder Club is a Baltimore indie rock band who makes you wanna stomp your feet and dance your face off! We’re five dudes who all grew up in the same city, playing music together, so Thunder Club is a product of years of collaboration. A few of us have received classical music training from institutes like Peabody Institute, which always helps but isn’t a necessity. We just released our second EP titled “Summer Vice” and couldn’t be more excited.

Thunder Club originated out of Baltimore, which is home to what seems like a thriving music scene. How do you think your roots have impacted your band, and do you feel like you’ve benefited from living in Baltimore over other major cities?
Baltimore’s music scene is BOOMING right now, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. Over anything else, the sense of community in the city is astounding, which extends to the music scene – we’re all family, all the bands look out for each other. In terms of our roots impacting our band, we solely believe we’re fueled by a certain pizza place we eat from every Saturday. That’s the gas.

Your latest EP Summer Vice was released earlier this month. What are you most proud of when you look at the release as a whole, and how do you feel the songs represent yourself personally?
Beyond being proud of the songs themselves as we feel they show a natural progression in our songwriting, I think all of us are most proud that the EP captures our live sound and energy super well. We’ve always been proud of our live show and the energy we bring, so it was awesome to hear that come through. Each song is different (there’s three), which we feel shows how versatile our sound is. Something for everyone!

Summer Vice is a follow up to your debut EP that came out in 2016. From then to now, where would you say your biggest growth has taken place?
We’ve really developed our sound and songwriting. We’re a little more adventurous, a little more thunder (ha, ha) to the calm. Our identity as a whole has taken shape as more time has passed, whether it be our look — all devilishly handsome, by the way — to our songs.

Currently, mental health within the music industry is a major topic of discussion. What are your thoughts on the recent revelations, and what steps do you think should be taken to continue bringing awareness to the issue and hopefully bring improvement?
We’re super happy that mental health is not only a major discussion in music, but overall as well. In regards to the music industry, people tend to forget that it can be just as ruthless and corporate as anything else in the world, and that musicians are humans just like everyone else, despite all the corporate makeup and glam. There’s a lot of misconceptions behind the pressures of working in performing arts and we’re happy to see that the world is picking up on that.

Live shows – Do you have any coming up?
Oh yeah, we’ve got a few lined up! We’re playing an EP release show pretty soon with our friends Outside Smoke, who have supported us several times and took part in our own EP release show for “Summer Vice”. That show sold out, which was gravy.

What’s next for Thunder Club?
Beyond working on spreading the Thunder Club music to all corners of the globe, probably grabbing a slice and a Miller Lite with the guys and jamming out!

Is there anything I missed that you would like to discuss?
Well, we just released our second EP, Summer Vice, which was led by the single “Go Ahead”. We’ve received amazing feedback on it from fans, new and old. “Go Ahead” was recently put on rotation on Baltimore’s WTMD radio station, which is a dream. It’s available on any digital distribution site – Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, you name it. “Go Ahead” is super pretty and super catchy, we really think you’ll like it, give it a shot!

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