What do you do on a hot, unexpectedly rainy Friday night? Why, go to a concert, of course! Stickyz in Little Rock, Ark. was absolutely packed for one of the best touring packages to come through in months – The Demos, grandson, and Joywave.


Hailing from Rochester, NY, The Demos kicked off the night with a lively set that won over the crowd quite quickly. An indie group with an alternative pop sound, The Demos are definitely a group you will want to check out. Listen and watch their new video for “If You Only Knew” here.

The Demos-1228The Demos

Smack dab in the middle of this tour’s lineup is an artist that has been creating a buzz literally everywhere. With every song he releases becoming an instant hit, it’s only a matter of time before grandson is headlining events like these every night. The energy grandson and his band exude throughout a performance is infectious! Listen to “Blood // Water” here.


Headlining the show was another band from Rochester, NY called Joywave. Topping off their stage presence off with some lights of their own that added so much appeal, the band had their own little quirkiness that kept the audience entertained for the rest of the night. Listen to “Blastoffff” here.

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The Demos

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Photos and review by Dominique Benedict.