Hailing from Tulsa, OK, NeoRomantics is an indie-rock band with a catchy sound and a way with words. Their new EP Homecoming was released back in May, and has since cultivated thousands of listens on Spotify. Continue reading to learn more about NeoRomantics.

Can you please introduce yourself, and share a bit about you?
Hello, my name is Hagen Pavey. I sing and play the guitar for NeoRomantics.

Your new EP Homecoming came out May 18th! There are five tracks, all of which are great by the way, that flow perfectly together. When you go to write and piece together something like this, what are your main focus points?
I don’t think we really had a whole lot of preconceived ideas for what we wanted the record to be when we started writing it. Like, we didn’t sit down and decide to write a five song EP. We were so thrilled to have the lineup that we had always wanted, adding Cody and Noah, it opened so many doors for us creatively. At the same time, we were just a fledgling band again in terms of writing so everything on this record was for the most part, experimental.

“From Ella’s” is one of my favorites off of Homecoming. Is there one song in particular that seems to get the most reaction out of people?
I think, at least for me, I feel like the song that embodies NeoRomantics and has the capacity to really captivate people is “Gold Plated.” It’s so candid, and was really some of my most personal writing. “Issues” is another track that I feel like people relate to. The theme is so heavy and I feel like so many people connect with it.

How does writing and creating within the band work? Is every task a collaborative effort, or does everyone do their own thing to combine into one piece?
In terms of the last record, it was a lot of me bringing the bare bones of a song to the rest of the guys and them taking those ideas and bringing them to their fullest form. That being said, we really haven’t stopped writing since the record was finished and I would say with our newer material the other guys are sort of taking that role as well and bringing me those concepts, as we become more comfortable writing together.

Are providing visual aspects of the music important to you? Will there be any music videos coming to accompany songs off of Homecoming?
Absolutely, Parker Coffman shot all of the photos for this record, and did a stellar job. As far as videos, we’re just trying to decide if we want to release a video for a song off of ‘Homecoming’ retrospectively or focus on releasing one for newer music.

What is next for NeoRomantics?
We are already working on new music. Putting out more content is our biggest priority at the moment. Aside from that, we are touring as much as possible, hitting new markets and revisiting friends and venues in different cities. 😎

Is there anything I missed that you would like to discuss?
Make sure to check out Homecoming on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Keep an eye out for tour announcements and catch us in your town. Thanks so much.

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