Stealth is a UK based artist with a bluesy undertone and a voice that will lure listeners in with its powerful allure. Continue reading to learn more about what Stealth has in store from the man himself.

Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about your background in music?
I’m Stealth, I’m a singer/songwriter from Birmingham in the UK And I make Blues/Soul music.

You just signed with Ultra Music, which is so exciting! What does signing with them change for you personally, and what does it mean for the future of your music?
Personally, it changes a lot! For starters, it keeps the wolves away from the door for a while but also in the short time I’ve been with Ultra, they have been super supportive and really filled me with the confidence to make the music I want to make. A lot of people may think it’s an odd coupling as Ultra are a dance power house but from the moment I met the guys, I knew they believed in what I’m doing and just want to take it to the next level!

Ultra Music and yourself is quite a unique pairing, with them being home to artists like Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki, but I always think that not fitting the mould is a great thing! In a situation like this, you really stand out. Are there any specific collaborations or opportunities you want to create with these new surroundings?
Of course there are some insane artists on the roster and the opportunities for collaboration are vast. I’m quite a big fan of Sofi Tukker. The riff at the start of “Drinkee” is totally up my street so I think that could be interesting. Obviously, I wouldn’t turn down a call from Kygo or Mr. Harris. But in all honesty, collabs are the last thing on my mind. I really just want to put out as much quality stuff of my own. Hopefully I’ll be an artist that everyone else wants to collab with.

“Gotta Stop Loving You” is your latest video/single, and it features this catchy chorus and so many opportunities for that vocal range of yours to shine. If I’m not mistaken, it’s off of your upcoming EP Chorus, correct? Can you give away any details on that?
Yeah, the song is the first single off my new EP. I truly believe this is the best collection of songs I’ve put out to date and I can’t wait to share it with you. Not long to wait!

Do you feel it’s important for EP or album releases to tell a story, flow together, and be something that you should listen to fully to get that intended effect, or are you more into the idea of an it being a collection of songs that can all stand alone and do just as well?
I do like concept albums and stuff, however I try and write very much from a personal place and unfortunately life doesn’t quite play out like a perfectly crafted story, so the songs tend to jump in subject matter.

Turning back the clock a bit to talk about a song of yours I really admire. “Judgment Day” was such a huge hit for you. It landed itself on TV shows, got millions of streams, hit number 2 on the UK iTunes singer/songwriter chart, and number 3 on the US one. I mean, that had to just blow your mind and motivate you so much. Can you tell me about this time period, and what it changed for you?
I was broke at the time, having my family in Birmingham but having to work in London meant that I was either sleeping in my car or on my friends’ floors. And I was actually on my mate Luke’s floor when that sync on Suits went off. It was insane. It just motivates you to keep going. Makes the struggle worth it.

With mental health being such a huge topic within the industry, I feel like it’s important to discuss it and bright light onto the thoughts from those in music themselves. What are your thoughts on the recent revelations, and what steps do you think should be taken to continue bringing awareness to the issue and hopefully bring improvement?
Mental health is an issue very close to my heart, having close family and friends who have had battles and having had battles of my own. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised at all by the revelations. If you look through history of the entertainment sector, there have always been examples of mental health struggles whether it manifests itself in drug or alcohol abuse or other symptoms, sometimes culminating in someone’s early death. Unfortunately people tended to overlook it until now. There’s always the calls for people to talk, which must happen. There’s all the thoughts and prayers but unfortunately I don’t think there can really be a change until society itself changes, although there calls for talk, it’s very rare that anyone is actually willing to listen. I think we are at the start of a very long road and it will take someone far more intelligent than me to find a solution to such a non-discriminate illness. This is a problem much bigger than the music industry as well. The conversation keeps needing to be had and not just when someone of cultural importance passes away.

We’ve discussed that you’ve got a new EP coming soon, but beyond that, is there anything in particular you are working on?
The album is in the works 🙂

Are live shows something that hold your interest? Do you have any plans to tour in the future?
Of course, I love playing live and there are plans to tour at some point. Yes.

Is there anything I missed that you would like to discuss?
I’m playing a gig at Lay Low in Nottinghill, London on September 20th. Tickets will be available on my socials 🙂

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