Alternative duo John & Joe are officially here. With a brand new single, “Honeyman,” debuting just a couple weeks ago and a three song EP over the weekend, the Nashville based group are starting this project off the right way. Continue reading to learn more about John and Joe, the music they create, and where you can catch them live!

Can you introduce yourselves, and share more about your background, music?
Hello, my name is John Doyle. I make up 1 half of John & Joe. I am from Camas WA, now living in Nashville, TN. My dad is probably the reason I’m so into music. He has a fantastic record collection and I think he lives vicariously through me, because he has always been a huge support when it comes to my guitar playing.
ey, it’s nice to meet you too! I’m Joseph Kashas, and I’m the other half. John and I grew up in the same hometown and have known each other since elementary school.  I’m not really trained in any way in music aside from a few stints in lessons that never lasted more than a month. I’d say I get my feel for music from my dad who has been playing in bands since before I was born. A lot of my earliest memories are of him playing gigs, and I think that somewhere in my little mind I thought, “I wanna do that someday!”

Your new single “Honeyman” came out on June 15th. It reminds me personally of a modern-day Footloose! So much fun and full of rhythm. Is this your first release together?
We’ve played in many different projects together over the last 10 years but yes, this is our first release as a duo! Thank you for comparing it to footloose. We love all of those danceable 80s songs. Footloose especially. It has that twangy guitar that you don’t hear in pop music at all anymore.

How do you think “Honeyman” will pave the way for you two? Like, what type of impact do you think it will have on listeners?
It’s danceable enough for the general public to like it, and that’s important. We dont write songs in hopes of the masses liking them but this song just flowed out of us and felt natural. I hope people will want to put this on at a party or something. Even if nobody knows it, they’ll want to after they hear it.

You’ve got a lyric video out to accompany the song. Is this something you prefer over a traditional music video? What influenced the decision to go this route?
Honestly a music video would be ideal but lyric videos tend to run a little cheaper. We’re still working day jobs and putting together as much money as we can to make things like this happen so with all the expenses of this release, we went with a more affordable option. We’re still actually waiting on the lyric video to be completed though. Haha. Artists… Sometimes art takes a while.

Tell me more about John and Joe as a band. What’s your story, and where do you hope to end up?
Joseph and I met in elementary school and went to the same church growing up. So we’ve been in the same circle for a long time. In middle school I (John) had been playing guitar for a few years and kinda had a band with some friends going. Joe had a bass and asked if we needed another guy.  We needed a drummer more, but once we found a drummer and our bassist got grounded for an extended period of time, we asked Joe to join. Jump forward about ten years and multiple projects later, were in Nashville, TN now as a duo. We hope to get as far as we can doing music. We hope someday, we can do this for a living. That’s where we hope to end up.

What type of things influence your creation process?
Everyday life and everything that includes! You know.. Tension, love, hate, fear, elation, depression, listening to music, going to shows, watching documentaries, mustard.

Live shows – I know you played one on the 12th in Nashville, TN. Do you have anymore coming up?
We love playing live! We have 2 more shows scheduled at the moment. Most importantly, we’re having our EP release show at The End (Nashville) on July 25th. Cover is 5 bucks and the show starts at 9 pm.

Is there anything I missed that you would like to discuss?
Our first EP is out July 1st! It’s a 3 song demo with some of, if not, the best songs we feel like we’ve written.  We’re always looking to add shows and we’re constantly writing songs, so feel free to follow us on any of the media’s to stay up to date!

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