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With all eyes on him, Nathan Sharp has released Paid in Exposure, his sophomore album under NateWantsToBattle, and it is doing exceptionally well. With over a million views from YouTube alone, Sharp is finding his true sound and people are taking notice. Continue reading to learn more about the album from Nathan Sharp himself, and listen to it on whichever platform you prefer through the links below.

Let’s start off by learning more about you. Can you introduce yourself and share a little bit about you?
Hi, I’m Nathan Sharp! I’m a singer, songwriter, voice actor and D&D player. I’ve been making music under the NateWantsToBattle title for about 5 years now and just released my second original album called Paid In Exposure.

As mentioned above, you just released your album Paid in Exposure. During the brainstorming process, did you have an idea of what kind of music you wanted to create?
I wrote this album over the course of about 2 years. As much as I loved my first album (Sandcastle Kingdoms), I felt it had been missing a lot of character and a lot of flare. I wanted the new album to be a lot more illustrative and animated. So, I incorporated a lot of elements that went beyond the basic 4 piece band setup; a lot of strings, brass, swing, tons and tons of vocal layers, etc.

Is there an event or an artist that inspired you to pursue music?
I had always been a musician since I was young. I started playing piano when I was 8. But, it wasn’t until I saw Green Day live in high school that REALLY got me passionate about songwriting and rock n’ roll.

I was reading that one of the songs on the album, “Bones,” was influenced by an event that happens to one of your DnD characters, Paultin. Do any of the other songs on the album have interesting stories behind them?
I think every song has an interesting story behind it. “Bones” is the only one on that album that has a fictional story behind it. I had made a lot of music in the past based on video games, shows, other character stories. “Bones” in a way still feels like my story since it’s my character, haha.

Is there any song on this album that holds a significant meaning, or that you would consider as your favorite? Can you elaborate why?
“Take Me Anywhere” is probably the heaviest song for me, lyrically. I’ve written plenty of songs about depression and anxiety, but TMA specifies on the denial of there being a problem to begin with. It’s never easy to admit that you’re a mess, and if you bottle that up too long it catches up to you and can completely destroy you. It’s one of the few tracks I’ve written that I find becomes relevant time and time again.

Where have you noticed the most growth within yourself since beginning your musical journey?
One of the biggest things I’ve learned through songwriting and exploring myself emotionally is that you’re never truly done developing as a person. I feel like we all have this weird mindset of “Everything will be set when I’m 30 and I’ll become an emotionally stable person with no worries in the world”. Like that’s the magical time where your brain settles down. I’m almost 30 and I’m nowhere close to where I thought I would be. And that’s okay. It’s okay to feel how you feel. It’s okay to be anxious. It’s okay to be sad. Learn to be honest with yourself and don’t just fall into an emotional mold you think you need to fit.

Can we expect to see a music video for any of the songs soon, like we saw for “Phantom?”
Absolutely. Next to touring, music videos are probably my favorite part of being an artist. It brings a song to life in a completely new way. Me and my director, Mike Lowther, are constantly brainstorming new ideas and concepts for videos and I’m really excited to share the stories we’ve been planning.

What goals do you want to achieve as a musician?
Simply put, do what I’ve been doing but bigger and better every time. Tour with artists I admire. See as many new places as possible and play shows there. All that good stuff.

Do you have any live shows planned?
Yes! We’re just announcing our first leg of my headlining Paid In Exposure tour with my homie Zach Callison. We’ll be playing Nashville, Detroit, Chicago, Burnsville (MN), Denver, Seattle and Portland in August with a couple more legs of tour happening before the end of the year.

Is there anything I didn’t mention that you would like to cover?
Paid In Exposure is out now and can be purchased here.

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Interview questions by Alondra Valencia.