Tyler John of Between Giants knows just how to captivate an audience by always evolving his sound to encapsulate his constant growth. Continue reading to learn more about Between Giants and what’s coming next.

Can you introduce yourself and tell a bit about your background in music?
Absolutely. My name is Tyler John, and I am Between Giants. Music has been a pursuit of mine since I formed my first band back when I was 14. I first learned to play the bass in a formal setting, then went on to teach myself piano and guitar, playing for numerous bands all around the country.

Between Giants is solely your project and creative vision. Tell me about that vision, and how you formulate that for everyone else to see.
You can’t go wrong when you’re creating something that you love. My vision comes from the desire to matter, and make an impact with my music. I want to be someone’s soundtrack. I always make sure that I am creating a song that I would want to blast with my windows down. The articulation of these concepts comes from the fact that I am always creating what I want to. Never tied down to a genre or theme, just genuine emotion and a little slice out of my life. I feel like I sounded super pretentious here…

You just released a single titled “Nevermind” featuring Kalimur. You’ve previously said that it “dives into the concept of not being able to express what one is feeling and thus pushing people away.” Is this how you specifically feel? How much of an influence did this being a collaborative piece have on the theme?
It is definitely how I feel. It has characterized a lot of my relationships both romantic and otherwise. I feel it is also a sort of universal thing – the fear of being truly vulnerable. Through collaboration, I was able to get another person’s perspective on one single concept, and offer some broader strokes that I believe add to the feeling of “hey, I feel that way too.”

Kalimur is actually a band you co-founded a few years ago. Was it nostalgic, in a way, to work with them again?
Yes. So much fun, and creating with them was just so easy. Like riding a bike – like nothing had changed and no time had passed. Crazy how life creates these little pockets that never seem to age, ya know?

You are gearing up to release your first full-length album this Summer. Are you able to share anything about it?
Of course, just because it’s you guys!! You can expect more of the infectious summer-ready electro indie pop that I have been trending to lately, with a few reaches into new sounds for me. This album is extremely diverse and required me to utilize every skill I have acquired over the years as a musician, producer, song-writer and artist. I know you’ll love it and can’t wait to get it into the world.

So, you’ve taken on a new direction with your work to have more of a hip-hop influence. Is there a specific reason for the change in sound, or was it a natural growth?
Definitely a natural progression. I have always been into hip-hop and its culture, and I wanted to incorporate that into my newer sounds. I love the depth and groove it lends to tracks.

What, specifically, influences you and your musical creations?
Honestly everything. I know that is a lot more of an enigmatic answer than you wanted, but it is true. I keep a notebook with me at all times and write things down throughout the day. Sometimes it will be the way my coffee tastes, or a specific tone on a guitar in another artist’s song. I find inspiration in the everyday. A lot of times it turns into absolutely nothing and is just a jumble of garbage, but every now and then you get a smash.

What is your ultimate dream for Between Giants?
Professionally, I want what any musician wants. Success. Sold out arenas. Platinum records. But at the end of the day I won’t be bitter if I don’t get those things. I hunger for it and work every day to get closer to those final stages, but really at its core I want Between Giants to matter. To make an impact. For people to listen to it. Whether it’s getting someone through a break-up, or being the soundtrack to someone’s top down drive to the beach with friends on a gorgeous summer afternoon. I just want my art to be a part of other people’s lives.

Live shows – Do you have any coming up?
Nothing booked yet, I am just polishing up the album, but we’ll be doing a release party at the end of July and a few more shows around Florida at that time as well before I move up to New York City. So definitely keep an eye out!

Is there anything I missed that you would like to talk about?
Thank you so much for having me, it has been an absolute pleasure. Definitely check out more of Kalimur, the band I collaborated with. They have a new single out called “I Will Follow” and it is a SMASH. Pure guitar driven pop rock and its deep lyrics will carve you up. Check it out!

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