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Epic hip-hop pioneer Vo Williams may not be a name you recognize right off the bat, but you are sure to have heard his music in some way. With his songs being featured in household favorite shows such as Lethal Weapon, Empire, and SNL, Williams is constantly working to take his career to the next level. Continue reading to learn more about Vo Williams and his music.

To begin, can you introduce yourself to our readers?
What up world? I’m Vo Williams, a musician based out of Los Angeles, by way of Florida. And I’m a pioneer of a sub genre making waves in cinema called Epic Hip-Hop.

I read that you knew you wanted to be an artist very early on after seeing iconic artists such as Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix, what was it about those artists in particular that triggered you desire to become a musician?
The power and the creativity. All of the Artists I love most are incredible live performers, with legendary visual presentations. Often when I create, I actually perform my ideas out loud and imagine how they would resonate in a stadium performance. I also have visions of cinematic moments in film, and can see and hear how the music is communicating as a part of that imagined visual experience. The artist who inspired my initial desire shared that kind of full experiential sensibility.

Recently you came out with a track titled “I AM THE ONE,” which is an extremely powerful and upbeat song. Is there a significant story behind it? What makes the song so special to you?
‘I Am the One’ is about realizing that you are destined for greatness. My path to where I stand now was a challenging one full of losses and failures. Through it all, somehow, I was always able to make it through. This song is special to me because it’s not only an affirmation rooted in self love, faith, and confidence, but hopefully when you recite the lyrics written in first person, you will step into the position as “the one.” And in this, you can use the music as bold affirmation of greatness for yourself. I’m all about that.

You classify your music style as a combination of genres which you call “Epic Hip-hop.” Can you explain what that means and how your music style separates you from others in the industry?
We’re standing at the begining of a wave, and witnessing its birth in real time. That said, it’s still untamed and Wilde, and very difficult to anchor it to one definition yet. I can say that I’m passionate about creating Hip Hop with size and scale. My style is bold and iconic, that’s just my natural frequency. So I think the music I’ve been creating possess that truth. That’s what makes the music both relatable and unique. I offer my truth, which I believe binds us more than separates us, but then I tell that truth with my voice, which has its own thumb print.

Your songs have been featured in several large scale television shows and media such as Empire, Atlanta, and SNL. What was your reaction when these extremely popular productions wanted your music in their soundtracks?
Still to this day I feel incredibly honored to contribute anything to these amazing shows. Working on ‘Lethal Weapon’ was a really eye opening experience to me. I was able to see how many people come together to produce a show, and the scale of that kind of teamwork is absolutely incredible. So, to have my music chosen to drive scenes produced through such a precious process, feels so validating, gratifying and humbling.

Is there any show you would love your music to be featured in?
Hands down, Game of Thrones. They’re mostly orchestral, and it’s beautiful composition, but it would be crazy if Jon Snow started slaying white walkers to my song “Battle Cry.” Epic Hip-Hop music in Game of Thrones is highly unlikely, but I can dream.

Your music in general is bold and empowering. Could you describe where that driving force to create and continue making music comes from?
My music truly is a reflection of where I am in life. I feel like I rose from the ashes into fiery flight. When I create, I’m expressing as someone that wants more than just to overcome, but that wants to explode out of struggle and break through multiple next levels.

What goals do you have set for yourself to achieve as a musician within the next few years?
A lot of my most immediate goals are collaborations with musicians, filmmakers, artists, and inventors. I’d like to reach a place to where I can be a powerful facilitator, connector, or incubator for other artists of all kinds. I want good ideas to live. I’m also thinking of how I can manifest that passion through some kind of non-profit foundation, or creativity fund.

Out of all the songs you’ve written, which song would you recommend to someone who has never listened to your music before?
I’m very much so an artist that likes to experiment, and to push boundaries creatively. Preferably, I’d introduce myself through a collection of songs. Off the top of my head, that collection would have in it, ‘Payback’, ‘No Relation’, ‘Rampage’, ‘Light Em Up’, and ‘Battle Cry’ and ‘Rise or Fall’.

And which song would you say holds the title as your favorite? Why?
I don’t have a favorite. They’re all special to me for different reasons. For some tracks it could be a risk I took creatively, for others it may be the life experience the song is connected to. I do have a song or two that I hate, but I’ll never say which one.

Can we expect any new music or collaborations soon?
I have some banging projects dropping soon! I have collaborations with Sjae (Co-writer on ‘All or Nothing’), Hidden Citizens, and Robin Loxley (Co-Writer on ‘Supernatural’ ,and ’Light em’ Up’). I’m really excited about ‘Battle Cry’ – that song is the truth.

Is there anything that I didn’t cover that you would like to share?
I just want to thank you for sharing my music, and for adding it to your playlist. Please keep in touch with me on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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