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Brooklyn based Brazilian/American rock band Added Color is one that is constantly touring, constantly writing, and working every single day to grow their band and fanbase. With a new EP titled Mr. Industry out about the staying true to the art in a sea of corporate faces, Added Color is doing better than ever. Continue reading to learn more about the band.

Before we start, can you introduce yourselves, and share a little about you and the band?
Hi! We are Added Color, a 4-piece rock band based in Brooklyn, NY. Our members are Danny Dahan (bass), Kiko Freiberg (guitar, vocals), Tim Haggerty (guitar, vocals), and Daniel Freiberg (drums, vocals)

You just released a five track EP titled Mr. Industry that is so good. I read the reasoning behind the title, which represents the corporate mentality that rules the industry and staying honest within it. How has being so dedicated to your passion for honesty and originality impacted your presence in the industry, in your opinion? Do you believe it has been a positive impact so far?
It’s been extremely positive for us, both personally and for the band. I think whatever you choose to do as an artist will be challenging and will take a lot out of you once you start doing it for a living. So being able to know that what you’re doing every night comes from the heart helps you stay focused and motivated. Keeping it honest and real has also given us extremely loyal and amazing fans, which makes it all worth it.

Tell me, what changed in your musical tastes from your former release, Psycho, last year to now?
I’d say more changed in our production taste than musical. We got pretty fed up with the over-polished stuff that’s become so common, so we went for a sound on this EP that represents how we sound live. It’s more of a what you see is what you get approach and we are very happy with the result.

You just finished a tour in Morocco, and have a set of USA tour dates coming up beginning this Friday in Brooklyn. Are the live shows something you especially look forward to, or is the creating process your preference?
We see the live show as the reward. Sharing the songs and feeding off of the crowd energy is unlike anything else in this world. We’ve sold out our last few shows and that has been incredible. Creating music is addicting and magical, but it’s also very stressful. Performing is just amazing.

If you had to pick just one track off of your new EP to call your favorite, which would it be, and why?
Probably “Mr. Industry”. It’s so brutally honest and showcases every member of the band a lot.

What’s on your playlist at the moment? Are there any artists out right now that just blow you away?
The new Arctic Monkeys album is awesome. I respect the stylistic shift they took. Royal Blood is also worth mentioning since they’re relatively new and sound great. Other than that, we listen to lots of different things in the van that are in the jazz, funk, and rock categories. Willie Nelson “On the Road Again” is the tour anthem for sure.

What is next for Added Color?
Touring as much as we can right now. We’re always writing new stuff, but the objective now is to get what we have now out there to as many people as possible and keep growing the family.

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Catch Added Color Live:
May 19 – Brooklyn, NY, The Knitting Factory
June 1 – Northampton, MA, Fitzwilly’s
June 15 – Portland, ME, House of Music
June 16 – New London, CT, 33 Golden St
July 12 – Manchester, NH, Shaskeen
July 13 – Florence, MA, 13th Floor
July 14 – New York, NY, Rockwood Music Hall
July 20 – Fayetteville, NC, Drunk Horse Pub
July 21 – Willmington, NC, Calico Room
July 27 – Beckley, WV, Melody’s
July 28 – Marietta, OH, Adelphia Theater
Aug 2 – Chicago, IL, Tonic Room (Fuckapalooza)
Aug 4 – Pittsburgh, PA, Sound City Grille