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Michael Mancuso is a pop star in the making. With a brand new single out titled “Give It To Me” that is already drawing comparisons to Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, he is on the fast track to the top. Continue reading for an interview with Mancuso telling all about his new track and influences.

Before we start getting deep into the interview, can you introduce yourself?
Hey everyone! My name is Michael Mancuso and I was born and raised  in Westlake Village, California.

Your single “Give It To Me” is such an upbeat, all around fun song. Can you walk me through the process of creating the song?
The creation of “Give It To Me” was really organic and unexpected. I walked into a writing session with my producer/co-writer Dan Whittemore and we started catching up on life. He was telling me about things he had been doing with his wife, and I was updating him on how things were going between my ex and I. Something in that conversation made him remember a track he had been working on, so he pulled up his file of new work and started playing me a few of his newest tracks. We weren’t planning on writing to a track he had already made…we always start something new when we got together. But, out of nowhere, the bare bones of the track that would later become “Give It To Me” came on and my jaw hit the floor. I think we were both shocked by how much I liked it! We agreed to get going on writing a song to the track, and started discussing concepts to write about. Given that I was telling him about my ex earlier, emphasis on ex, it had definitely been a minute since I was with another girl. Dan jokingly brought up that my current ‘dry spell’ would make for a great song, and “Give It To Me” was born!

You are described as  “a mix of Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, DNCE and Ariana Grande.” Do you enjoy the comparisons, or in a way wish to be thought of without them?
I definitely enjoy the comparisons. I draw inspiration from all of the artists you listed and more! Different aspects from either their recorded or live performances have made their way into my own sound, style and stage presence.

Are the current pop hits what you jam in your free time, or are you more of an underground listener? What’s on your playlist at the moment?
I want to make it as a top 40s pop artist, so I’m always listening to today’s top hits. But lately I’ve been looking for songs that just make me feel good! Two prime examples of that would be “Merengue” by Kent Jones and “Ooh Lordy” by Youngr.

Back on the topic of “Give It To Me,” you are releasing a music video for it soon! When is the expected release date?
Yes I am! The music video will be exclusively premiering May 18th on Looking very forward to it!

I found a snippet of something you said (“Every time I’ve interacted with a performer that I’m a huge fan of, whether it be for one second or a few hours, I remember every single moment of the experience. They might not, but I absolutely do.”), and I’m curious to know, who have you met that has had you starstruck? Can you share any stories?
I’ll never forget the first time I met Meghan Trainor, or the first time I met Scott Hoying. One of my friends was singing background vocals on one of Meghan Trainor’s earlier tours, and we went to see their show at The Palladium in Los Angeles. After the show, we went backstage to say hi to our friend, and she surprised us by bringing us into Meghan’s area and introducing us! We all ended up hanging out for a good portion of the night and have continued to see each other every now and then! As for Scott Hoying, I was a freshman at USC in 2012 and was trying to get into an a cappella group called The SoCal VoCals. Scott was a member when he was a student at USC. Pentatonix and Adam DeVine were booked to do a music/comedy show on campus and, after the show ended, Pentatonix ended up going back to the VoCal’s house to hang out. A friend who was already in the group invited me over and my first interaction with Scott was a game of beer pong! For the record, I lost.

Tell me about upcoming music! Are you working on anything specific at the moment?
Absolutely! We’re already in the planning phase for the release of my next single, “Casual”! It’s a departure from the pop-rock vibe of “Give It To Me”. “Casual”, and all of the songs that I’m preparing to release after it, will be as close to top ’40s Pop’ as I can get while remaining authentic to myself and my style.

Is touring something you plan to do?
Yes, 100%! Touring has always been a dream and I’m counting the days until I book my first one.

What do you want people to remember you for?
I want people to remember me for the authenticity of my music. I put my real life experiences into all of my songs in hopes that people will not only be able to jam, rock out, or cry to them…but also relate to them!

Is there anything I missed that you would like to talk about?
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Listen to “Give It To Me” on Spotify.