On a rainy and gloomy Friday the 13th, Vino’s in Little Rock, Ark. was packed front to back for a band called Sworn In.

Sworn In-6

I’ve seen Sworn In a handful of times over the years and if I’m being honest with you, I wasn’t very impressed with their live show… Until now.

Sworn In-16

The energy in the room was very high all night, but somehow took to another level once Sworn In started performing. The crowd was going crazy and the band was playing off of the energy in the room incredibly well. Tyler would have a little smirk on his face every time someone would jump up to scream the lyrics into his face and at many points would share the microphone with the crowd liberally.

Sworn In-4

They closed the show out with ‘Snake Eyes’ and the crowd exploded yelling the lyrics back to the band and jumping off of the stage.

Sworn In

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All photos and review by Kurt Lunsford.