Photo credit to Tiziano Lugli.

LIVVIA is an up-and-coming pop artist out of California doing so many amazing things. With 1.2 million views on her new video for “Catch a Body” featuring Quavo, LIVVIA is a bright addition to the industry. Continue reading to learn more about LIVVIA and her music!

You just released the video for your single “Catch A Body” featuring Quavo. The video itself is almost like an actual movie! Can you share how the concept was created, and what went into making it a reality?
It was so much fun to film because we were able to bring my concept to life and it turned out even better than I had hoped. Sometimes when I write a song, I start to imagine what the ideal music video would be, so being able to make it happen for this song was really special. When I wrote Catch A Body I envisioned a video in the style of an action movie like James Bond or John Wick, and bringing that idea to life was so fulfilling.

What kind of training did you undergo for the intricate fight scenes?
A few days of intense combat training. It was so much fun, but I got a lot of bruises in the process! Definitely worth it!

The single itself has blown up in terms of popularity since its release! Was that expected? What was your initial reaction when learning the track reached No. 10 on Spotify’s “Viral 50” U.S. chart within the first week?
I really didn’t even think to hope for that result. It was such a shock!

You’ve got an EP due to release soon. Can you give any details on that?
I have a handful of songs that I can’t wait to share but I can’t reveal too much quite yet. There may be a collab or two in the works!

After the release of more music, will live shows be a priority?
Absolutely! I’ll be playing at quite a few radio shows this summer. I’m so excited to get back out there!

I read that you are actually working on a degree in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley at the moment. How has college helped you in your current endeavors, and how do you go about balancing everything?
The economics department at Cal has been very understanding of my schedule and my music team has always been supportive of my academic pursuits. It gets a little tricky when meetings and performances and sessions coincide with midterms and finals, but we’ve been able to work around it so far. Since I take an active role in the business side of my career, not just the creative, having a background in econ has definitely been helpful. I hope to get an MBA one day, too.

From what I understand, you actually have quite a history in the music industry. From touring with The Jonas Brothers to Jessie J., how did all of that come about? Can you share any stories?
I had the best time as an opening act! I absolutely fell in love with touring and I can’t wait to tour again. I was introduced to the amazing Brian Manning of CAA who gave me the most incredible touring opportunities. There are countless stories! I made some lifelong friends and met the most amazing people all over the world. The best part was definitely the meet and greets.

What is your major goal as a musician and artist?
I just want to be able to reach as many people as I can with my music and to be able to continue writing and recording and collaborating and making music videos and touring. I’ve fallen in love with it all.

Is there anything I skipped that you would like to discuss?
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