On the evening of April 10th, 2018, Adelitas Way brought the Notorious Tour featuring Sons Of Texas and Taking Dawn to the Rev Room in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Taking Dawn-3437Taking Dawn

Taking Dawn opened the show with definitely one of the most rock n’ roll shows I have ever attended. There was not a dull moment the entire set with all of the antics both on stage and off. Running into the audience, playing from people’s tables, and playing from atop each other’s shoulders seems to be the norm for these guys, and I love every bit of it!

Sons Of Texas-3788Sons Of Texas

Sons Of Texas followed after Taking Dawn with a show consisting of hits, drinks, and a whole lot of fun. While on the stage, the band’s vocalist Mark Morales was gifted a ring from one audience member and enlisted the help of another to sing along to some of their most popular songs.

Adelitas Way-4405Adelitas Way

Sounding identical to the songs everyone knows and loves from their records and the years of radio play they have received, Adelitas Way closed out the night with a wonderful performance! Playing everything from “Criticize” to “Ready For War (Pray For Peace),” the band completely impressed everyone at the venue.

Taking Dawn

Taking Dawn-3291Taking Dawn-3449Taking Dawn-3490Taking Dawn-3445Taking Dawn-3403Taking Dawn-3321Taking Dawn-3199Taking Dawn-3196Taking Dawn-3431

Sons Of Texas

Sons Of Texas-3677Sons Of Texas-3539Sons Of Texas-3639Sons Of Texas-4013Sons Of Texas-3614Sons Of Texas-3865Sons Of Texas-3901

Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way-4024Adelitas Way-4116Adelitas Way-4242Adelitas Way-4200Adelitas Way-4337Adelitas Way-4365Adelitas Way-4301

Catch one of the remaining shows of this tour! You can find the dates here.

All photos by Dominique Benedict. Please do not alter or reuse without permission.