Photos and review by Kurt Lunsford.

On the evening of March 14th, 2018, Architects brought their USA headlining tour to Alamo City Music Hall in San Antonio, Texas.

I couldn’t ask for a more stacked metalcore lineup than the Architects U.S. headliner with Counterparts and Stick To Your Guns. When I saw this announced I knew I had to see this lineup.


First up was Counterparts. I’ve been following this band for quite awhile and I’ve seen them a few times now, but the energy this crowd had for Counterparts was unparalleled with anything I had seen before. Multiple times when I was shooting from the photo pit I had to move out of the way and be cautious of all the crowd surfers that were surfing their way up to the front during Counterparts. They played a lot of stuff off of their new album You’re Not You Anymore as well as some classics that the entire room sang back word for word. They closed out their set with “The Disconnect” which is a song that is a personal favorite from them.

“Walk Away Slowly”
“Haunt Me”
“No Servant Of Mine”
“Swim Beneath My Skin”
“A Memory Misread”
“The Disconnect”

Counterparts-04274Stick To Your Guns

Stick To Your Guns was up next. While this is a band I was super into back in 2012-2013, I hadn’t kept up with their newer releases and this show was the first time hearing those songs for me. I was very happy to see them still playing “Amber,” which was the song that introduced me to STYG. As soon as Stick To Your Guns started, the crowdsurfing and moshing turned up to the next level and security had their hands full making sure they caught everyone crowd surfing to the front of the stage. This band was full of so much energy the entire set with most of the members doing jumps and running around the stage as often as they could.

“Married To The Noise”
“Empty Heads”
“Cave Canem”
“We Still Believe”
“Such Pain”
“The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: “Penance of Self””
“Doomed By You”
“The Suspend”
“Against Them All”


Then came the reason we were all there; Architects. I’ve been wanting to see this band live for a long time now, so when this opportunity arose I had to capitalize on it. Architects’ writing and performance has more passion behind it than any band I’ve seen previously. They give their all when they’re onstage so make sure the fans and concert-goers have a unique experience to remember for years to come. Architects is one of the few bands I’ve seen live that sound so close to their actual recordings when they play. It’s unmistakable the passion and love they have for what they do. As always, they dedicated their entire performance to their fallen brother Tom Searle who lost his life to cancer back in 2016.

“A Match Made In Heaven”
“Broken Cross”
“Dead Man Talking”
“Phantom Fear”
“The Devil Is Near”
“These Colors Don’t Run”

“Gone With The Wind”



Stick To Your Guns

Stick To Your Guns-March 14, 2018Stick To Your Guns-March 14, 2018-3Stick To Your Guns-March 14, 2018-8



All photos and review by Kurt Lunsford.