Alternative pop band, Æves, released their new EP Desire on February 19th, and dropped a creative video for their single “Wild Hearts” just a week after that. After such a busy start of the year, the band has taken the time to share about themselves and their music. Continue reading to learn all about Æves.

Can you introduce yourselves, and share who Æves is and what you’re all about?
Molly: Well, I am Molly, and I write the music and sing and play instruments and stuff. I live in Louisville, KY. I’m one half of AE, and I’m all about good things, I guess.
Matt: I’m Matt. I write some of the lyrics, sing some, and play keyboard in the band. I also live in Louisville! I’m all about music and pop culture.

Your music intertwines so many different types of music, and it all flows together so well. How does deciding what works and what doesn’t go down with you?
Molly: Well, first, thank you very much for that. I listen to so many different genres, but I love writing pop, so I try to add as many different elements from different genres as possible to contribute to a new sound. As far as what works and what does, it just matters if we like it or not. If it sounds bad, we can it. If it sounds good, we go with it. I know that’s kind of a boring answer, but that’s the real answer.

You’ve got an EP titled Desire out now. Can you tell me about it?
Molly: Well, it’s a mix of songs that we wrote and we feel each song encapsulates a different element of desire. We included a few remixes, as well as stripped down versions of some songs on there. I really do hope y’all enjoy it.

One of the songs on it is “Wild Hearts,” which is this great track that has a complimentary music video with a very psychedelic old school feel. Why did you choose that specific style for the video, and how does it relate to “Wild Hearts?”
Molly: Well, we wanted something that matched the way the song sounded, to be frank. While we’re singing and playing during the song, there’s also a lot of subliminal and subtle things going on at work as well, so I guess you’ll just have to watch.

You formed Æves three years ago in 2015. What has your journey been like so far, and where do you hope to go from here?
Molly: A lot of ups, a lot of downs, a lot of finding out who we are and what we want to do with our sound and message, and what we represent as a band. We’ve also added on new band members we’ll be playing with soon and introducing into our next album cycle. They’re great people. We hope to go up from here, not to be corny, but it is what it is.

Tell me about live shows. Do you have any being planned?
Molly: We have a few in the works that we’ve yet to announce, and we’ve definitely upped the ante since our last show. We’ve added in a lot more visuals and performance elements. Oh, and a full band.

Is there anything that you want to talk about?
Molly: Well, we really hope you enjoy our new release, and that you enjoy our music.

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