On the evening of March 11, 2018, the Music Over Words Tour featuring Black Map, Palaye Royale, and Pop Evil stopped in Little Rock, Ark. at the Rev Room.

Palaye Royale-1063Palaye Royale

Kicking the night off was Black Map, a band who puts on a solid show with a great energy! After their set, the band even took the time to converse with so many people throughout the venue, which is always admirable.

Black Map-1025Black Map

With an endless amount of classic rock n’ roll swagger, Palaye Royale, as always, put on quite the show. From jumping off of tables to sharing unreleased music, Palaye Royale never disappoints. The band’s vocalist, Remington Leith, met with fans after their set and added on to the friendly vibe that this entire tour holds.

Pop Evil-1412Pop Evil

Headlining act, Pop Evil, closed out the night with this AWESOME performance that was so exciting to watch. Their lighting director did an amazing job with the show’s visual effects which helped Pop Evil’s performance stand out in a great way! The interaction between the band while on the stage and the fans in the crowd was outstanding as well. Playing shows in smaller venues such as the Rev Room definitely provides everyone with a much more intimate experience as compared to the rooms with barricades and huge stages.

See more photos from the show below, and go see one of the remaining dates of the Music Over Words Tour!

Black Map

Black Map-0940Black Map-0948Black Map-0959

Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale-1042Palaye Royale-1099Palaye Royale-1080Palaye Royale-1198Palaye Royale-1280Palaye Royale-1113Palaye Royale-1108Palaye Royale-1121Palaye Royale-1290

Pop Evil

Pop Evil-1468Pop Evil-1345Pop Evil-1392Pop Evil-1363Pop Evil-1371Pop Evil-1439Pop Evil-1406Pop Evil-1471

All photos are by Dominique Benedict. See more photos on her Instagram – @dominiquesphoto.