Digital Radio Tracker is the leading global internet radio monitoring service that tracks radio airplay of songs on 5000+ radio stations. Founder, Michael Matthews, is here to tell everyone about the benefits of DRT and why everyone in the industry should look into it.

Mike-1Michael Matthews

DRT is a resource for artists to track the streams of their songs on every kind of non-traditional format. When did you come up with the concept of this, and how long did it take you to create and start marketing it?
Digital Radio Tracker was first conceived in the fall of 2011. Having a successful radio promotion company, I started to observe how music consumption was changing. No longer was music being listened to solely by terrestrial FM radio. We now have devices such as cell phones, tablets, smart speakers, smart TVs and even smart refrigerators all streaming music. Internet radio is now installed in more than 50 million cars. As a radio promoter, I started to notice that more and more of the songs which I was promoting were being played on these streaming stations and yet there was no way to track it. After doing some research, I realized the companies monitoring terrestrial stations had not made the change to monitor streams and I was thinking, “How can my clients monetize the airplay to their songs streaming, especially, on the overlooked Internet stations?” “How can they find out where or who is playing their music?” I began asking my associates, “If they were experiencing the same thing I was?” Once I heard they had the same problem that was my light-bulb moment! I began working on a way to track these digital radio streams. Thus, Digital Radio Tracker also known as DRT was born.

How does DRT actually work?
DRT tracks the airplay of songs around the world that are streaming on thousands of Internet stations and an array of Major Terrestrial FM, College and Non-Commercial along with Sirius XM and Europe’s BBC radio. Through DRT’s proprietary software, it is the only broadcast monitoring company that tracks songs played without any special encoding or fingerprinting required. DRT then compiles the data and produces a DRT Report which allows anyone to receive airplay detection information about a song.

Artists such as Nelly and Shaggy support the product. I can assume that your goal is to get the product in the hands of every artist in the industry, is that correct?
Correct! DRT’s goal is to be available to both major established artist as well as newer artists. Prior to DRT, there wasn’t a monitoring source to collect the data that we find benefits not only new artists but well-known artists who are surprised to know that their songs are streaming on Internet stations around the world. When it comes to monitoring the airplay of songs at digital streaming radio and smaller FM stations, DRT displays to all artists that their music is being played around the world.

How much does this cost, and do you have any competitors at the moment?
DRT is the only broadcast monitoring company to provide a free searchable online airplay database. Just register for a free account on our website and then you can search any song to see if it is currently receiving airplay.  However, if you want to see where, when and how often a song is being played, you will need to purchase one of our DRT Reports. Our rates start at $9.99 depending on the type and quantities ordered. Another important fact is there is no charge for stations to be monitored by DRT. There are a couple of other monitoring companies that have started to monitor online streaming stations, but they do not have the technical abilities and reach as DRT.  That is what makes DRT unique and the leading airplay monitoring source.

What makes your product superior?
DRT was created from a unique perspective of analyzing radio airplay data. DRT does not use any special encoding or fingerprinting like other monitoring companies. With other monitoring companies a lot of airplay data was lost due to the lack of encoding or a song going viral before it was encoded. However, we have developed our own technological software that allows us to not just track songs, but which version of a song is being played. For years the music industry was not able to discern which version of a song was being played because all versions were always encoded under that particular song title. With DRT, we have a Comprehensive Report that displays which version of the song is being played by a particular radio station. The global airplay data that DRT collects is very useful to artists and bands because they can utilize the information to book shows and tours, set-up interviews, sell merchandise or promote their songs to other radio stations in their efforts to secure more airplay. Artists and bands can also use the airplay information to assist in collecting royalties on their music, to develop their promotional strategies and discover which markets to further expose their brand. DRT also offers a risk free guarantee to our clients! We do not charge for a report if there is no airplay data present. 

Tell me about you. What were you doing before creating DRT? Do you have a history in the music industry?
My passion for music started at a very young age and I am happy to say I have been in the music industry for over 25 years. I started out as the President of a music marketing company called Dominion Marketing; which is a radio promotion company that secures airplay for recording artists at all levels including internet, college, commercial FM and satellite radio. We are honored to have been an integral part of the success of over two hundred #1 records on Billboard and have worked thousands of new and developing artists over the years.

What do any potential buyers reading this need to know about you and your product?
DRT will continue to be innovative and provide better insights to its clients on global airplay data. We want to help revolutionize the music industry by providing more information about a songs airplay story that will better allow music entities to achieve sustainable growth and to develop a clear mission to combat the ultra-competitive marketplace.

How can those people get in contact with you?
They can reach out to us at or on social media – Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.