19 year old self taught musician Trøy Grant has just signed to Prodigal Records, and is working nonstop to take his name to the top. Keep on reading to learn more about Trøy and what he is currently working on.

Let’s start this off learning a little about you. You’re a 19 year old self taught musician in a family of athletes, correct? Can you elaborate on this?
So, basically, my Dad played in the NFL a long while ago (late 1990-Early 2000’s) and I am the oldest of 5. My Sister plays Volleyball and Softball and just recently got accepted to play College Softball! My oldest younger brother plays Basketball and he’s a mini Steph Curry honestly! I’m the music guy. I don’t “sports” except I occasionally play soccer and I do love staying active!

I read that your father actually wanted you to follow in his footsteps and take up football. How did he react when you told him music was your calling?
It was more a misunderstanding than anything. I always felt that if I didn’t play football in high school, then I’d end up being a disgrace to my family. Well, my Dad only cared about me doing what I was passionate about, but he never let me quit mid-season because Grants don’t quit haha. As soon as I could, which was my sophomore year of high school, I quit that.

You just signed to Prodigal Records. What makes working with this particular label special to you?
Honestly, the best part is they’re people who care about the music. They aren’t money hungry and only wanting to get rich. They care about the state of music and what it’ll be in the future. I’ve always admired that. They push me to be better to help guarantee success for all of us. Not only that they’re amazing individuals as well. They make me feel loved, and even though I’ve only been with them a short time, I know that they’re family.

Your new single “Life” was also released just last month. You actually wrote this song when you were in the 8th grade, which is incredibly inspiring. What made you think back on this and choose to release it as your first single?
I just wanted to show that Life can be about having fun. The world is going through some crap right now, and honestly if a song, a lyric, anything I make can be something to get people’s mind off of that, I’ve done my job!

You’ve currently got an EP and album on the way. Can you tell me more about those?
Every song is a letter, to a person, to an event, or to an experience, that I’ve encountered in my life. So the EP is called Letters To____. The blank is essential because with every song is a new letter. I’m already done with those songs, so I’m currently writing for a second EP, a couple of Feature singles that I want to release and an album to come soon! I always like to look to the future, I don’t wanna have a 5 year career. I’m trying my best to have a 50 year career and so on.

What are your goals both personally and as a musician?
Personally, I just want to make people happy. Honestly that goes with music as well. Smiles are a big thing to me. I want to not only just do it with my music but with all the people I come across. No person should leave my presence unhappy. That’s my goal. I also just want to travel a lot. See more than just Texas even though I love it here. I wanna see it all!!

Are live shows something you are interested in? Will there be any coming up to celebrate upcoming releases?
My favorite part of music is performing. It’s such a huge part of my life just being able to be in an intimate setting with people like that is amazing. I’m performing at SXSW in Austin at Little Woodrow’s March 14th, but most of my other shows are still in the works! I’m ready to get out there! 

Is there anything you would like to mention to readers?
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