With their debut album, Pariahs, released just four days ago, FAULKNER is a band you will soon be hearing on alt-rock radio stations across the country. Pariahs just so happens to be the first debut album of a band in recent memory to feature collaborations with not one, but two major rappers.
Listen to FAULKNER’s single, “Hot Streak” below.

Before we start getting deep into the interview, can you introduce yourself?
Dimitri Farougias. Faulkner bassist.

I read quite possibly the coolest thing ever, and that is that your album was recorded in Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Studios AND you created a song on Bob Dylan’s tour bus. What was running through your mind as all of this was happening? Can you tell me some stories about these events?
Part of it was tracked at Shangri La, and it was surreal. You could truly feel all this artistry crawling through the floor boards. RZA was there with us, and we put together some great stuff.

Speaking of album, your debut full length was released on February 9th. How long was this in the making, and what doors do you predict the release will open for the band?
It took a couple years to write and record. We hope that it will reach a wider audience and hopefully tap into listeners’ hearts and minds.

You’ve been working with Royce da 5’9″, whom is a huge name in the music industry. What was your experience with him, and do you predict future collaborative projects with him?
The man can rap next to Eminem like nobody can, so we’re truly blessed to have him on the album. He’s one of the greatest to ever do it. His verse on “Keep Your Enemies Closer” is devastating. We would love to make more music together.

We’ve talked quite a bit about the people surrounding your music, but not enough about the music itself. Tell me about your personal favorite track on the album, and why it holds that title.
It’s “Hustle Everything” because we actually do. I just love the sinister pop feel with the Danny Elfman touch. It’s neat.

When creating the album itself, was a thematic approach taken, or did you create each song with a different mindset and let it flow in a more natural sense?
Different mindset for each song. We definitely allowed a natural flow. Each member knows exactly what to bring to the table, and everyone is open to suggestions and ideas.

“Hot Streak” is your current single from the album out, and the inspiration behind the track is said to be that magic moment of feeling unstoppable. Can you elaborate on that?
That unstoppable feeling resonating from listening to the single? Yeah, try it!

Live shows – what’s coming up for FAULKNER? Any tours being planned?
Being planned. we will announce dates soon.

What are your goals as a band, big or small?
Play every stage in the world big or small.

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