As We Once Were is a band based out of Illinois who infuses pop punk with alternative rock to create catchy tunes that everyone can enjoy. They just released a brand new single “More (Better Days),” which you can listen to right below.

Can you introduce yourselves to readers who may not have listened to your
music before?
Hello! We’re As We Once Were, an alternative rock band based out of Tinley Park, Illinois. We consist of Bryan Anderson (bass), Shannon Conway (drums), Vinny Roman (guitar and vocals), and Max Williamsen (guitar). We take influence from bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, and New Found Glory.

I listened to your album, ​Such As Life​, and noticed how well you intertwine two
popular styles of music, pop punk and alternative rock. Is this a style that comes
naturally to you as a band, or was it something you initially set out to create?
We would say it’s a combination of both! Our sound comes pretty naturally because when we sit down to write music we do our best to incorporate everyone’s influences, which includes all kinds of bands in alternative genres. But that is also what we initially set out to create: an honest representation of ourselves. We’re trying to create music that we would all enjoy listening to.

Word on the street is that you are releasing an EP titled ​Day In | Day Out​ in the Spring. Can you tell me a bit about that?
Day In | Day Out is an EP that we are all incredibly proud of. We decided this time around that we needed to take both writing and recording more seriously. We set out to create an album that has a consistent theme and sound throughout. We took the time necessary to solidify what we wanted to convey to our listeners. For this release we began demoing all of our ideas out on GarageBand, which is something we hadn’t previously done. We also played a short Midwest tour this past summer where we rented a cabin off of the Mississippi River for a weekend to gives ourselves a different environment to create and it helped exponentially. We went to Seth Henderson at Always Be Genius recording studios because we knew that we needed someone to push us forward creatively. He helped us to create a product that we previously thought we weren’t capable of producing and he helped us to grow and find our true potential as a band. Thematically, this EP delves into the places that the mind can go to when enduring a mundane routine from day to day. When we were compiling lyrics for the musical structures, we noticed that this was a common theme among all of our passages, so we decided to make it the overall theme of the EP.

You just released a brand new single from the EP. What is the song itself’s message, and how does it fit in with the overall theme of the EP?
“More (Better Days)”’s message is that sometimes you need to really dig deep and remind yourself that you are not defined by your current circumstances. It fits into the overall theme of the EP because this is a place that our minds often dwell when we are working our regular jobs. Sometimes it truly does feel like all you are doing is taking up space when you work the same job week after week. You have to remind yourself that there are better days ahead, and that’s what the lyrics in this song are trying to communicate.

Do you start writing your records with set themes, or do you prefer to write music that is relevant to your life no matter the subject?
We like to keep a consistent theme with our releases, but our themes typically stem from things that are relevant in our lives. We find that it’s easier for us to write lyrics when we have a consistent theme in mind going into the writing process.

On February 11th, you’ll be playing a show in partnership with Hope For The Day to benefit proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. How did this come about? Do you plan to do more work with Hope For The Day in the future?
We have collaborated with Hope for the day on shows in the past and always have their resources at our merch table. We love their mission statement and adore the work that they do in our music scene. For this show, our good friend Victoria (who is an intern for Hope For The Day) asked us if we would like to play, and we would definitely love to continue working with them in the future.

When else can fans see you live?
We have weekend runs planned for March, April, May, June, and July that we are currently booking and will get around to announcing soon.

Is there anything I missed that you would like readers to know?
We just want everyone to know that we are regular people just trying to be heard like anyone else. If anybody ever needs someone to talk to, we are always here. If you message our band Twitter, we will always answer and are always looking for ways to spread musical culture and positivity. Thank you to anyone who has ever taken an active interest in our band. We are really excited to see what the future might hold.

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