Nashville based artist, Lauren Strange, is an artist whom has an enormous amount of experience in the industry, and has collaborated with such a wide range of artists that it might actually blow your mind. She is someone whom has been praised by legendary music producer, Jack Douglas, and that’s not something to take lightly. Strange is now taking time to focus on her solo work, and took the time to tell all about it! Keep on reading to learn about Lauren Strange and her experiences.

Lauren, you’ve got such a wide range of experiences that it just absolutely blows my mind you aren’t a platinum selling artist playing arenas yet. Can you share some of your favorite projects that you have done?
You are so very kind!! I love being a lead singer and fronting my band but I have
also enjoyed working with other artists. One of my favorite projects I worked on
was collaborating with Passion Pit as part of their live sessions for VEVO. Michael
Angelakos (lead singer of Passion Pit) is a musical genius, so working with him
and the rest of the band was an amazing opportunity. He’s not only an incredible
songwriter and innovative musician, but also a vocal mental health advocate, which is something I greatly admire.

I read that you’ve collaborated with Paul McCartney of The Beatles! What did you create together, and how did that come to be?
I had the privilege of working with Sir Paul’s “Let Us In” foundation on several concerts including performances at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville, NC. I sang background vocals for artists including Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer Little Anthony and many country stars – including Phil Vassar and Sarah Darling. I met Phil because I used to teach his daughter guitar & piano lessons and was introduced to a lot of folks through that connection.

Going forward in your work, is your own music your sole focus, or do collaborations and backing vocals on certain projects still hold your interest?
My own music is my priority right now, but I still actively co-write and work with
other artists. I love working on music in any capacity, really.

You’ve got such a modern day 90s vibe, if that makes any sense. When you began your journey in the music industry, did you always plan to create this combination that brought forth feelings of nostalgia and “wow, this is something totally new.?” How did you “find your sound?”
Thank you! I like that description. My first musical idols were 90’s bands like The Cranberries and Alanis Morissette, so their songwriting was very influential on my
development as a musician. I never planned to have a certain sound. I try to be as authentic of a songwriter and musician as I can be, and that’s where my sound comes from.

You worked with Tony Smith (SLEEPER/AGENT) to record your latest EP Salt. What did partnering with Tony bring to the table that gave Salt that extra something?
Well, Tony is basically a one man record-producing machine, haha. He not only did the
artwork (which is an image of my face created out of actual Salt), but he played bass, produced, & recorded the whole thing. I’m pretty picky with who I let touch my music, so it’s such a relief to have found a trusted teammate who I feel comfortable with throwing songs at and being like “Do whatever you feel is best with this!”

How did that recording experience differ from what you had creating your 2014 EP Say Yes?
A lot of folks contributed time and effort to Say Yes, but at the end of the day I was the only force driving the project forward. That’s super normal for a solo artist, but it’s still a scary and overwhelming feeling when you’re spending the last of your grocery money (and then some) on a project that you’re not sure will even be able to be finished. Salt was much more streamlined and was more of a team effort. I always felt like the guys who helped me with this project had my back, and that’s a damn good feeling.

Speaking of Say Yes, “Johnny” has such raw, grungy tones and lyrics that pair so well with your dynamic voice. Is that sound one you plan to incorporate into future work?
Oh definitely! According to Tony (who’s producing this next EP), my next release is gonna be a “rocker.”

What are you working on right now?
We’ve got 5 songs picked out right now and we’re hitting the studio very soon. I’m
itching to get back to recording!

You’ve got a show in Nashville on February 8th. Do you have any touring plans, or are one off shows your current plan?
Currently we’re doing one offs but we’re planning to make it to Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Louisville this year. After this next show in Nashville we’re hitting the studio hard again for a 5-song EP, then we’ll definitely have some strings of shows to go along with its release. I can’t wait!

Is there anything I skipped over that you’d like to talk about?
I’d like to echo my support for the women speaking out against abusers and harassers in the entertainment industry. We must believe women. Here in Nashville, a friend of mine – Katie Armiger – is currently being sued by her former label because she chose to speak up. She’s trying to raise $20,000 towards her case, and everything that does not go towards her legal case will be donated to the Sexual Assault Center in Nashville. Donate here: Gofundme Link

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