Up-and-coming New York artist Elesa Marmo has recently released her debut EP titled Clear Blue. You can stream it on Spotify here.

Your debut EP was release just a few days ago. Can you share what got you into music, an what your goal with this EP is?
There was never a specific moment where I was like “yes, this is the career!” I think just my whole life I’ve sang or I’ve been in theater and just have always wanted to perform and make music. I’m just hoping it reaches a bunch of people and they enjoy it and dance and relate (to) the songs!

Do you have a history of any kind in the music industry, or is this new musical journey your first experience?
I was a music business major in college, so I studied all the basics of that, and I’ve had internships and jobs in the industry. Right now, I work at a venue part-time and I intern at a media company, so I’ve always tried to be involved in the music industry as much as possible.

Where do you dream of your music career taking you?
As far as it can go! I’ve just always wanted to perform and have my music out there in the world, so if I can accomplish that, I will be happy.

There are four songs on your EP. Can you tell me stories about any of the tracks?
Of course! So, the first song “Bottled” is just about a night out I had and just feeling like I’m kind of doing the same things over and over. Never really finding love and just going to the same places. It’s also about that first moment of finally feeling like you’re over someone and you’re gonna be okay. “Swimming Pools” is about my struggle with mental illness and feeling like I’m drowning when it gets bad. “Summer’s Over” is about falling in love with a best friend and when the feelings aren’t reciprocated, it ruins the friendship. “Square One” is about my feelings of being rejected, but also feeling like I want the attention, but not the commitment because I’m terrified of being hurt.

What’s next for you?
I’m always in the process of planning new things, but of course new music will happen hopefully, and some shows!


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