Friday is here, and so is a brand new musical duo that you NEED to know about. With their debut single, “Too Late,” being released just a week ago, PARKWILD has already begun to make huge waves in the music industry.

PARKWILD is made up of two friends, Austin Zudeck and Justin Thunstrom, who have been collaborating on projects since they met in 2011. With a huge variety of work under their belt to look back on, PARKWILD is definitely the future for Zudeck and Thunstrom.


Your debut single, “Too Late,” is absolutely great. Is this a teaser to an EP or album release coming soon?
Thank you! We have the next release lined up for March 8th called “We’ll Never Change.” Our plan is to keep releasing singles and eventually drop an EP in the second half of 2018.

Is there a video coming to accompany the song in the future?
As of now, we have a super cool (at least we think so) self-produced lyric video that will be coming out on February 7th! We don’t have specific plans for a music video, but if the song gains enough traction, we definitely would like to create one.

What are your goals as PARKWILD?
PARKWILD encompasses both our artist and writing/production sides. On the writing/production side, we just want to continue having purposeful and enjoyable collaborations with other creators. On the artist side, we hope to grow and develop our fanbase both online and through live performance. We would love to go on tour and share our music all around the world!

This is only the beginning of your journey as PARKWILD, but from what I understand, you both have a history in the music industry. Can you talk about that?
Both of us have been creating music for years, and while we didn’t necessarily do it together, we each spent years developing our skills. Since coming together, we have been doing a lot of writing and production with various artists, both major label and indie. We have been involved in sessions ranging from pop, to country, to R&B, as well as international music. We were fortunate enough to land a worldwide commercial in 2017 for Quaker Oats with two other collaborators as well as iTunes number 1 rock song in Japan with MIYAVI.

Are any shows being planned for 2018?
We have a few college shows in Spring 2018, and will be planning more shows for Summer and Fall – stay tuned!

Is there anything I skipped over that you would like to talk about?
We would like to thank you for interviewing us, and enabling our music to be heard by your readers! Watch out for “We’ll Never Change” on March 8th, and if you’d like to keep up with us, follow us on social media!

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