Explain something to me. Who is The Trust Fund Kids? I noticed on your bandcamp that everything has been written, recorded, and performed by Kevin Connor, so is it a one man band, or do you perform live with a full band? How does this work?
Well, at the current moment, The Trust Fund Kids is sort of a one man thing. I am lucky to have very kind musician friends that have historically helped me out by playing with me a lot. Ideally, I would like for it to transition from a one man band into a band. This is sort of what Wavves or Car Seat Headrest has done. As for performances, I’ve done mostly solo shows, but I would really like to do a string of band, electric shows soon. I am sure some of my musician friends could play live with me at these performances. So, in short, it’s a one-man project right now (with some assistance), but I would love to transition to a full band.

I listened to your latest Demo EP the sky looks like a videogame., and thoroughly enjoyed it! Will the tracks on it be recorded and featured on a full length when the time comes, or are these meant to live their lives as demo tracks?
Awesome, thanks! Every track from that one will be re-recorded and featured on the second album I’ve written. I just really want to get some better tones, higher quality vocals, and more complex drum parts. So, they’re pretty similar to what they will be, but more fleshed out and higher quality.

Now, of course I have to ask. When will a full length album be here? Is there one in the works?
I am working on one! I’m working on getting it out this year, and am really trying to do a pay-what-you-want digital release. I really like when artists like Jeff Rosenstock have done this. A single from the record is in the mixing process right now, and it should be out very soon. It will likely proceed the record by a good number of months. As for the record, it has been written for about a year and a half. If you go back to Make Yourself Decent, which is another demo EP I’ve released, many of the demos for the LP 1 songs are on it. I’ll be self-producing, but with industry standard mics and much more attention to detail. I’ve learned how to properly engineer a bit more now, and it will sound a lot more professional. It will also be professionally mixed and mastered. So, ultimately, a record with a DIY spirit yet production value and cleanliness.

What are your goals with The Trust Fund Kids?
My current smaller goal is to make the two albums in which I’ve written. On a bigger scale, I’d like to make and produce music. I’d love for my career to be doing this as The Trust Fund Kids and in general. But for right now, I’m just focused on trying to make some good music and staying true to myself as an artist.

Is touring in your future plans? Where would you like to go, and with who?
I would love to tour. I am trying to maybe even do a string of electric shows over the summer, so look out for that! In my touring future, I’d love to play New York City, Ireland, and England.

Where all can readers find your music, follow you on social media, or catch you live?
Hello readers! You can listen to my music and download it here. It’s pay what you want, so you can pay nothing – I do not mind! Additionally, I have a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. All information about live shows will be posted there. Thanks!