Indie rock band, The Bad Bees, is one that should definitely be on your radar. Check out their brand new music video for “BooWho” below, and if you like that, keep scrolling to catch an interview with the band right below it!

First and foremost, can you introduce yourselves and tell reader’s more about who the people behind The Bad Bees are?
Hello, friends, we are The Bad Bees (of course). The Bad Bees are four friends from the 20th century, who have always shared a love of music together. Jake, Jt, and Brandon were all in a metal band together in high school while Bryan was jamming with some indie guys before we ever shared a stage together. We finally united after college in Jake’s grandmom’s cold, musty, maybe haunted basement with a kerosene heater on lead vocals. Eventually Jake took over, and the rest is history.

Your video for “BooWho” is an artistic piece which follows that vintage aesthetic that is so pleasing to the eye. Do the color schemes within the video have a specific purpose, or was it a combo you just love?
Thank you for getting to know our video! It’s exciting to know someone might see what we put out there, and get something out of it. Each of us chose a color for the scenes, and it subliminally had something to do with an emotion. We all had a different idea of how to song appeared to us and we all decided to design a room to try and capture how we felt. Although we are all coming from different places, the video flows as one, (and) our music seems to always do the same. We all have different backgrounds and approach things differently, but it always blends together well.

What kind of image do you hope to cultivate as a band? How do you plan to achieve that?
To achieve our goals should be easy. We have been working on it our whole lives. We are just going to be us. It was too f@#king hard to get this far, so we’re probably just going to stick with this. We’re just happy with our current image of big, wet, spacey explosion.

You recently released an EP called Big Pretty. Can you tell me about that?
Big Pretty is the group’s second batch of music out right now. We put a lot of time into each of the five tracks, so they’re very full. It feels like five big waves crashing over you, each with their own unique vibe. We were eager to get back into the studio coming off of our first EP Fast Paced Space. The tracks themselves required a lot of work, so we lost a little feel as far as the inbetween’s, but it adds to the EP’s aggressive driving sound.

Where do you see The Bad Bees in 5 years?
Still making music would be a great start! That’s the goal after all, anyways. Hopefully at that point, if we keep up on our current spirits along the way, we should be reaping some kind of fruits by then. God, I hope it’s sweet.

I know you’re playing shows on the East coast, but is touring in The Bad Bees’ future? 
Absolutely! It’s been decided that we’ll take a little more time before entering the studio again. We’re thinking Fall of 2018. In the meantime, we want to be focusing on writing and preparing for the next addition as much as possible. But, along with that, we’re planning to make this Summer a big one for playing out and touring, so keep your eyes peeled.

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