On Wednesday night, The Dead Deads, Shaman’s Harvest, and Seether played at the Metroplex Live in Little Rock, Ark. for 100.3 The Edge’s Twisted Christmas show. Keep on reading to see a full photo gallery from the show.

The Dead Deads-5974The Dead Deads

After opening act, The Dead Deads, wrapped up their set, I started listening to the thoughts of people in the audience and was incredibly impressed with the things I heard. No one had a negative thing to say about the band’s performance. One man even suggested that he believes they will soon be headlining these shows.
Keep an eye out for an interview with The Dead Deads coming soon!

Shaman's Harvest-6173Shaman’s Harvest

Second to perform was Shaman’s Harvest. This band is impossible to put a label on, and that’s what I love about them! With a bluesy undertone and that southern rock sound that everyone loves, Shaman’s Harvest is a band that everyone should know. In case you still aren’t sold on why should you see them live, they play a GREAT cover of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes.”


Seether is a band I’ve literally grown up listening to. “Remedy” is one of the first songs of theirs I remember hearing, and being able to listen to it live was incredible. One thing that is so hard for people working in music to do sometimes is to just stop, slow down, and listen to what is being played. I made a point to do just that after covering the standard 3 songs of the band’s set, so instead of crowd shots, and excessive coverage, what you are seeing is my attempt at balance, and a select few of my favorite shots from their set. While the backlit performance was a challenge to shoot, the finished product is fun! Photos definitely don’t do this show justice though. Buy a ticket, and go SEE, HEAR, and EXPERIENCE a concert!

The Dead Deads

The Dead Deads-5872The Dead Deads-5869The Dead Deads-5871The Dead Deads-5858The Dead Deads-5889

Shaman’s Harvest

Shaman's Harvest-6172Shaman's Harvest-6223Shaman's Harvest-6178Shaman's Harvest-6119Shaman's Harvest-6246



Photos and words by Dominique Benedict (@dominiquesphoto).