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It has been a busy year for Hawaiian singer/songwriter Kimié Miner! Over the course of the last few months, she has released a digital album, lyric video for her single “Of a Queen,” and a deluxe edition of that album all while getting ready to be a mom.

If you are on the West coast, catch Kimié at one of her upcoming shows:
• Dec 6th, Empress Theater, Vallejo, CA
• Dec 8th, New Parish, Oakland, CA
• Dec 10th Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz, CA
• Dec 12th, Skoolyard Records (Meet and Greet), Oceanside, CA
• Dec 13th, House of Blues (The Parish), Anaheim, CA
• Dec 14th, SOL Venue, Carson, CA
• Dec 15th, Last Exit Live-1H, Phoenix, AZ


You have just premiered the lyric video for your song “Of a Queen.” Can you share a bit of insight on the song and video concepts?
I’ve been feeling so empowered as a woman lately especially being pregnant for the first time. I feel like we need to see more female superheroes in our media to encourage young girls to tap into their true powerful selves. This song is about that and I wanted to show the beauty found in that strength.

The digital version of your album Proud As The Sun has been out for a little bit now, but you are just now releasing the deluxe physical version of it. What does the deluxe version have that the digital doesn’t, and what caused that release date difference?
My deluxe album has 15 tracks including bonus tracks like Bamboo (stripped down) and the original demo version of Of a Queen as well as 3 others. I wanted to share a little more of the broken down intimate versions of my songs.

Is touring something you plan to do? If so, where do you hope to go?
Yes! I’ll be in California and Arizona from December 4th- 15th for my Love & Light Tour. Catch a show with me and my girl Tenelle!

You grew up somewhere most people dream of. Can you share some of your childhood experiences, and how that may have influenced your creative vision today?
Being born and raised in paradise influenced every part of me. From my lifestyle and my vibrations to the art I create. I’m happy to bring my child up in the same way I did… Growing up on the beach, learning to swim in the shore break. Surfing tandem or diving with my dad and brothers. Feeling at home in the ocean. Even now as I’m almost 7 months pregnant I jump in and float on the oceans surface in front of my house and it calms my day. It’s such a natural high to live here in the islands.

What are your goals for your music & career as a musician?
Just to continue to share my art with others and to reach new people. Continue to create and be inspired by everyone’s stories around me. Continuing to mentor up and coming artists in Hawai’i through my new company Haku Collective, Haku is a full-service music, audio, and talent production group providing access to the creative output from Hawai’i’s emerging and leading artists, producers, composers, and musicians. We work with artists who are reaching across genres and driving the evolution of Hawaiian music and Hawaiian sound today.

After you finish promoting this new video and album release, what’s next for you?

Pick up Kimié Miner’s new album today: Proud as the Sun

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