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Fresh off of the release of their completely acoustic sixth studio album, Good Luck And Good Night, Americana band JD & The Straight Shot is on top of their game.

Individually, the members of JD & The Straight Shot have worked with artists of every genre including Robert Plant, Sheryl Crow, and B.B. King. You may have even spotted the band on tour with big names like Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, or Jewel as well. The point I’m trying to get across to you is that these guys (and girl) are the real deal.

I had the pleasure of learning a little more about the band from lead guitarist and producer Marc Copely.

Can you tell me about JD & The Straight Shot’s inspiration when it comes to songwriting, creativity and how you portray your band?
When we get in a room, we stare at each other until something good happens, ha! We all hang together on the road and talk music, so honestly, when we get going on some songwriting, it all happens pretty fast. Plus, we’ve been playing with each other for years and we have that chemistry in working order.

What favorite artists do you enjoy listening to individually?
Our band is inspired by a pretty wide range of music. We have 5 core members of the band all of whom bring in their influences. As far as music we all groove on, I’d say The Allman Brothers Band, Little Feat, and Crosby Stills and Nash are three good examples.

Can you share your journey into music? What led you to the creative path you’re currently living?
Growing up, I had a friend on my street who played guitar and we were always just hanging out playing songs. The first songs I learned were “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Train Kept A Rollin”. After I got a taste of that, I was off and running with no looking back!

JD & The Straight Shot’s new album Good Luck and Good Night was released in September. Can you share the story behind a track that sticks out to you?
It’s tough to pick out one, but I’d say “The Ballad of Jacob Marley”. I love the bluegrass influence it has and our bass player Byron House kills it on banjo along with Erin Slaver, our fiddle player. They really play some amazing stuff on that song. And our frontman Jim wrote great lyrics for the song that were influenced by Charles Dickens. The song really touches us, and audiences love it too.

How was your experience producing the album? What is difficult being both a band member and the producer?
To my surprise it wasn’t difficult at all to wear both hats. I love both playing and producing and am honored that I was given the chance to produce the album. My experience was positive all the way around in that I really know each player in and out and feel I was able to get the best out of everyone because of that.

How would you describe JD & The Straight Shot’s sound? What would you say to someone on the fence about giving your music a listen?
I don’t like putting labels on things, but if I had to, I’d say it’s an Americana album. It has hints of bluegrass, blues and country with a bit of 60’s psychedelia thrown in for good measure. Lyrically it’s all about the story, so sit back and come for ride with us!

JD & The Straight Shot has performed alongside so many great artists. What have you learned from them, and do you have any stories you could share?
We’re so lucky! I’d say the Eagles have been an enormous influence on us. We played around 50 shows with them and I’m astounded by them every night. Those songs…the performances… Wow. I had the opportunity to attend a master class at NYU that Glenn Frey gave a few years ago and he changed my life. He was incredibly open about his process and his collaborations and he really opened my eyes and made me a better songwriter.

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