It’s finally Friday! Check out this brand new interview with Atlanta based alternative rock band, Survival Kit.

1) Your latest single “Valedictorian” is written in the perspective of a person being cheated on by their not so sneaky spouse. Is this taken from personal experience, or a scenario you’ve heard about from others?
“Valedictorian,” is somewhat of a peek back in history for a brother of one of the members. Something Trav experienced firsthand in seeing, and though the situation dealt a ton of negativity into our atmosphere, he felt releasing that old stitch through the glory of song was the best thing we could do. Here’s to you, red dress.

2) Can you share your roots in music? Where did you find that passion you have?, and was there a specific artist that fueled the fire for you? 
I remember the exact moment when I decided I wanted to play music. I was young, around 9-10, we had just lost our aunt in a very dark manner, and my parent’s divorce was finalizing. My brother and I were with our father going to our family gathering for Thanksgiving on his side. It was the last year our father’s father would be alive to attend. My cousin, Bobby, had brought his Les Paul and set up with what was already there for the karaoke they’d do every year. Bobby played “Only God Knows Why” by Kid Rock, and the only other time I’d heard that was at my aunt’s funeral a few weeks prior. I remembered it being so powerful for my mom to hear while she was grieving. It was such a turning point for my appreciation and passion that I decided I wanted to be able to move other’s with music as well. I hope one day that one of our songs can mean to someone what that one means to my mother.
As for a specific artistic influence, I’d say watching Max Bemis of Say Anything write and perform such complex and catchy tunes really gassed the flames for my love of songwriting.

3) What are your long-term goals for Survival Kit, and how do you plan to achieve them?
Our long-term goal is to make a living writing and performing music for ourselves and possibly others down the road. We want to be #1 on the Billboard charts and we want to win some Grammy’s. We want to impact people’s lives and we think we’re very capable of doing some good in this world by reaching broad audiences. Our music will always be changing and I can’t wait to see what we come up with.

4) You have recently released two singles “Stranger Things” and “Valedictorian,” what’s next? Another single or EP?
At the moment, we have a lot of songs and chorus pieces on backup. The goal is to release individual songs that are totally different from the last. Eventually, we hope we can work with a trustworthy label and create an album that will make waves, but for now we’re saving money and working hard in other areas to make sure we have a strong foundation.

5) Do you have any live shows coming up? Where can fans see you play?
Right now we’re doing select shows in the Southeast and saving for our next tour! If you can come to Atlanta, we will definitely meet you at the show:
Smith’s Olde Bar – 11/13
Masquerade – 11/25
House Show – 12/9

6) Is a video coming to support “Valedictorian?”
We are definitely considering it. We did a homemade video for “Stranger Things” and we would really like to make a more professional video for that. People responded really well to it, but it’s still something we would like to make happen.

7) Fans LOVE to hear what their favorite musicians watch, read, or listen to. Any recommendations?
Impractical Jokers, Rick & Morty, Bill Burr, The Wrecks, Arctic Monkeys, Power Rangers, Attack on Titan

8) Is there anything I missed over that you would like reader’s to know?
We are really chill people and love answering messages on our social outlets. You can find us on pretty much anything. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!
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Snapchat: SurvivalKitBand