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1) Being influenced by artists on every side of the color spectrum, you have really created your own niche in music. Can you share your background, and at what point you decided following “normal” expectations just wasn’t going to cut it for you?
Sure. My background is very simple. Small town. Big family. Huge dreams. But I didn’t give credibility to my dreams for a long time, so getting to the point where I decided I didn’t care about the following “normal” expectations has been an evolution. First step was moving across country to be in Los Angeles. Second step was giving up my corporate job and the security that came with it. The third, and ongoing step has been mostly eliminating “should” as a motive, or at least taking a second to question the legitimacy of the source. When it comes to how to best live my life or do my best creative work, I’ve learned a lot of “shoulds” are best politely ignored.

2) I know creating what you love is the ultimate goal, but where do you see yourself going with your music and your career?
Yeah, I like the way you preface this question, because as cliché as it sounds, I really do believe it’s the journey not the destination. But I have specific accomplishments I’d like to achieve, such as developing projects that incorporate my music, writing and acting, and writing songs for other artists.

3) Your newest single is “Living in a Daydream.” It’s a very whimsical track written as a ode to your childhood, correct? Can you tell me about your childhood and any fond memories of it you may have?
If a song can be a musical postcard, “Living in a Daydream” is the musical postcard of my childhood. I’m fortunate to have grown up when and where I did. We didn’t have computers, but we had a safe neighborhood and unfettered imaginations, and we made good use of them both. “Carlights,” which I reference in the song, was a game we made up and played on Summer nights, where each kid established a routine that had to be completed between the time we first spotted a car’s lights coming around the bend, to when the car passed our house… something like “do three cartwheels, two somersaults and run to the big bush.” Anyone who didn’t complete it all in time lost that round, and each round got progressively more difficult. I spent a lot of time playing outdoors and exploring the woods. It was safe back then to do that. I think it’s harder to find places now where that kind of life exists.

4) Can you tell me about what all you have going on right now?
Sure. We;;, the big push is getting my album heard, of course. Since we released the CD in early September, we’ve gotten some good airplay on college radio. We’ll see that campaign through and try to get on rotation with more stations. I’m also meeting with the team that did the music video for “Be What You Are” to work on a music video for “Living in a Daydream.” We’re aiming in to get that out in late Fall. And it’s a pretty busy season in the commercial world as we approach the holiday’s. You can see me playing “Mom” right now in a TV spot for Samsung.

5) Where do you find balance between your different work projects, hobbies, and just life in general?
That’s a great question. I’ll let you know when I find it! I could definitely be better at it, but on thing I am good about is meditating regularly, which helps. My husband and I just took a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our tenth anniversary, and one of the things we came back with was a commitment to plan more mini escapes from our daily lives to create more balance. It’s like anything though, you have to purposely set the time aside, or it just doesn’t happen.

6) Are live performances going to make a comeback now that you are releasing music again? Can you tell me about those plans, if so?
Yes. I sang a number of songs from my new CD at the release part, backed by a superb group of musicians, including “Firehead” producers Grant Nicholas and Teddy Jacobs. It was so much fun performing live again. I plan on doing a lot more of that locally with the same guys as long as they’re willing and available.

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