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A couple weeks ago, I released a feature on Off Guard focusing on the members behind the music. Today, you get to learn all about the music itself.

1) You released “Strawberry Moon” on September 29th. Can you describe what your expectations were before the release, and how they were met post release?
Our anticipation for “Strawberry Moon’s” release was to give everyone an introduction and an overall atmosphere of what’s to come on our soon to be released EP, Set The Scene. Being fairly new, we aren’t expecting any groundbreaking results, but we’re surely hoping to turn some heads! We gained some new followers thanks to the single’s release.

2) Word on the street is that you are planning an EP release for this Fall. Is it completed and waiting for release, or are you still working on it? 
Hell yeah! Set The Scene will be dropping October 27th, and we just so happen to be playing a show that day! We’ve been done with recording for about a month and a half from now. We went with Giants At Large’s Matt Iagattuta (Flying Carpet Studios) to record, and it’s been nothing but fun! We’ve been going back and forth with mixes to make sure everything is perfect and ready for its debut.

3) Does the EP have a specific theme, or is it a collection of random songs you wrote?
The theme for our EP is exactly what it presumes, to SET THE SCENE for our listeners. The greatest story you could ever tell is your own, and these songs are composed of our inner thoughts, relationship experiences, and maybe some random inspirations through jamming and having fun doing it.

4) What is Off Guard’s creative process like?
All of our songs are started off acoustically! Jam sessions take place at one of our houses, and we share ideas we already had, or just start playing and make something on the spot. For our EP songs, we would brainstorm and jot down several lines of lyrics we liked and took turns singing over the guitar parts we had. Once we added drums, the songs took on a different personality.

5) Do you write and create more for yourself, or for an audience?
As for many, music is an outlet for people (to) express how they feel, or simply how they have fun. For us, these songs are just as much for our listeners as they are for us. We believe music is created in the eye of the beholder, meaning that you make things you want to hear! We hope other people can vibe off of what we create.

6) What are your long-term goals for Off Guard? 
Long term, we’re hoping to make our own wave and tour across the country. We’re chock full of ideas, and we want to make them come to life as soon as possible. After Set The Scene releases, we plan on playing as many shows as we can, and hopefully lining ourselves up for our first tour. In the midst of all of this, we’re going to be slowly planning our first full album.

7) Is touring something you plan to do? Is there anything being planned at the moment? 
YES and no.
We’ve only played a handful of shows so far, but no worries! This is just the start of Off Guard’s career. We’re fresh out the package, and we plan on sticking around for a while.

8) Is there anything you would like to mention that I may have missed over?
We have a couple of shows lined up!!!

Oct. 27th at Shaker’s Pub – This is a Halloween show for our EP release! With bands Forever Losing Sleep and others.
(Unofficially Announced) November 11th at Revolution Bar & Music Hall with Scarbino.

You can find us on all social medias: @offguardny

Thanks for taking the time to read about us!
– Off Guard