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Energetic pop-rocker’s Hundred Handed come out of Los Angeles and have made it their goal to do what they want, when they want all while making music to party to.

Listen to “Miss California,” their latest single that dropped a few months ago. The band has also confirmed that an EP is coming soon, so that will definitely be something to look forward to!

Jordan McGraw (vocals/guitar) took the time to answer questions about Hundred Handed, his goals as a musician, and more.

1) You describe Hundred Handed as a fun pop-rock band that does what you want. Can you tell readers WHAT it is that you want?
We just do what makes us happy. Drew and I have been in too many bands that started out fun and passionate and creatively ambitious only to wind up feeling flat and emotionless.  We started Hundred Handed to have fun and to keep having fun… NOT to do what someone else decides we should sound like, look like, etc.  Hundred Handed is uncompromisingly us.

2) “Miss California” is your current single, and you have a lyric video out for it as well. It is such an upbeat summer anthem! Can you share what influenced you to write the song?
New York.

3) From what I understand, rather than releasing a full album, you plan to release one song at a time, correct?
The idea behind that method was to let people hear our evolution and our growth rather than lock ourselves away and hide any flaws in the process.  Our first EP was made up of the first 4 songs we wrote and recorded as Hundred Handed… the first 4 songs I had ever sang lead vocals on.  We wanted people to hear that… imperfections and all.  Then we wrote Vibe and Miss California (with Mike Green) and really got our heads in the right place creatively… Everything grew from there.  The next release is going to be another EP.  We can’t wait!

4) When is the next song due to be out, and are you allowed to tell anything about it?
I’m not sure the exact release date.  We are finishing up the last song for the EP as I type this.  We don’t like to wait though! So I’ll say….. SOON

5) Do you plan to release a visual for each song you release?
We love pairing visuals with our music.  We’ll never create a visual for a song just for the sake of keeping the streak going but; I feel like it really rounds out the process to present the music with something visual.  Any chance I get to make out with another mannequin.

6) Let’s talk about touring! Are there any plans for live shows within the next few months?
We’ve just signed with UTA and are very actively looking for the right tour to jump on.  I think touring and playing in front of people is both Drew’s and my favorite part of getting to do what we do.  We have a Los Angeles show on OCT 14th at The Peppermint Club.  Come hang!

7) What is your creative process like?

8) What’s on your current playlist right now that you just can’t quit listening to?
Right now I’ve got Stromae, SuperFruit, and Bleachers on repeat.  Stromae is definitely at the top of that list.

9) Where do you see yourself and Hundred Handed being in the next 5 years?
Touring and making music.  That’s what makes us tick.  Our studio is in our house so everyday is wake up, work, eat, repeat.

10) Is there anything you would like to tell that I might have skipped over?
Hit us up on social media and hang out until we can really hang out!  We love hearing from fans and friends!

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