If you have been to the Vans Warped Tour any time in the past decade, you definitely would have seen the always bustling, incredibly colorful CANVAS tent. Continue reading to learn what that tent’s purpose is and how you can get involved with the CANVAS Foundation!

DSC_0058Photo by Lydia Tavera

1) Can you share what exactly CANVAS is for people who may not know?
Sure! Canvas is a non-profit that focuses on raising money for art programs in schools that have lost funding. We primarily fund-raise while on the road with Warped, but we also have other events, sell our merchandise online, and accept pledges from donors as well!

2) How many years now has CANVAS been in partnership with the Vans Warped Tour?
To my knowledge, Canvas has been with Warped for roughly 10 years.

3) How has this partnership benefitted the organization?
First and foremost, Canvas has become a staple for a lot of people at Warped so it has definitely helped get people hyped over our mission and what we do. On top of that, we have raised an incredible amount of money and gotten a good number of artists involved with our cause (be on the lookout for some paintings from various artists available for purchase soon).

4) If I understand correctly, when you aren’t out on the festival run, you go visit schools across the U.S., correct?
Unfortunately, we do not. As our organization is based in Portland though, they host some art shows throughout the year like Hungry for Art. We do however donate to school’s nationwide.

5) How do you choose which schools to donate to?
We actually accept submissions at the tent so many of the schools we donate to come from kids who tell us their stories and recommend their school. At the end of summer we review each school and what their needs are before making a final decision on where to donate art supplies.

6) How many school art programs have you assisted since CANVAS’ inception?
I personally, haven’t been with Canvas since the beginning but I would say 50+. We try to make sure we make substantial donations to the schools we do help so we focus a bit more on the amount we can give to certain schools rather than the number of schools we can donate to.

8) How can people who are interested help out?
The main way we have people help is by volunteering for their local Warped date! However, if you are interested in helping outside of the summer we always have outside events going on and if we don’t we would love to work on creating an event with you. In addition, we donate art supplies as much as we donate money so people holding drives for art supplies is always welcome as well!

9) When you volunteer for CANVAS, what does that usually require doing?
Well, for Warped, we have people generally just get people excited about Canvas and into the tent to paint. It’s a lot of hard work, but ultimately very fun. Outside of Warped it is essentially what I outlined in the last question, but it really is just helping out at events or helping us to come up with ways to help art programs.

10) Is there anything I missed that you want people to know, or any goals you are trying to reach?
Not necessarily. Most of what we do is very straight forward. We want people to have a great time at the Canvas tent, but we also want them to think of what they can do to help us in keeping art alive. We do however have some new, very exciting things coming up including a collaboration shirt we did with Patrick Miranda of Movements that will be up for pre-order very soon and we are all very excited for. We are really trying to get more artists involved so we can appeal to a whole new audience.

DSC_0810Photo by Lydia Tavera

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