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Fresh off the road from their latest tour, VISTA took the time out of their day to tell me all about their new EP Long Live.


1) For reader’s unfamiliar with the band, can you explain what VISTA is all about?
Greg: We are about a few things. We just want to make you feel something when you listen. Whether it’s having fun, whether we make you think, whether we make you feel like there’s a fire in your chest.
Hope: VISTA was created to create a collection of anthems. An anthem to me is something that makes you feel, it powers you up.

2) Your sophomore EP “Long Live” was released on July 21st. How has the response to it been, and how has this release differed from when you put out your first EP?
Greg: This release was way more carefully calculated than the last one, so I think that put a lot of pressure in it of itself. Sometimes when you’re developing this stuff, you have to stop and think – hey will anyone even care about this? – so it kind of freaks you out a bit.
Hope: Yeah, it’s a really out there kind of concept, I was super nervous, kinda petrified. I didn’t know if the concept would read or not. We put a lot of planning into the concept and marketing, almost a year’s worth. So that’s definitely the biggest difference between this record and “VERSUS.” The last record was just thrown out there with no real planning, just to get some new music out there. I don’t think that music was bad, but it had no real message or motivation.

3) It has been said that the lyrics throughout “Long Live” focus on finding a safe space, or ‘oasis’, among a dystopian society. The relation between the writing and the world we live in today is clear. Was there one event in particular going on to influence this theme?
Greg: We were definitely influenced by the shitstorm of American politics that we currently live it. Dealing with everyone’s negativity on social media isn’t the easiest.

4) Where is your ‘oasis’ in the dystopian society we live in?
Greg: For me, it’s whenever I’m at a show. Especially when I’m playing. I just focus on the music and having the most fun I can without hurting anyone in any way.
Hope: The goal is to make our shows the safe haven.

6) Bringing the focus back to the EP, I listened through it and I have to say that “Allegiance” is a favorite of mine. It definitely meets the standards of what I would think of as an anthem, and I can definitely picture a rad music video to pair with it. Is there a plan to add a visual to the track, or any of the songs on the EP?
Greg: We want to add visuals to all of them if possible. However, funding may allow us to only pick a few, but we haven’t decided on it. It is being talked about, however.

7) Do you both collaborate on lyric and music writing, or do you each have set jobs?
Greg: For this EP, I gave input on lyrics and melodies but most of it was on Hope. I know she is very particular and careful with what she is trying to say, and that is her instrument! I personally handle all the stuff like, synths, guitars, drums, bass, basically just all of the atmosphere and instrumentation. I write most of it, sometimes Hope gives input, it depends.
Hope: We don’t assign jobs or tasks, but Greg writes all of the guitar and drum parts, as well as the bass parts. Chord progressions are developed by either of us, lyrics and melody are more my craft. When it comes to the actual recording process, I usually describe the sounds I hear in my head best I can, usually fail, get frustrated, try again, and eventually find a resolution.

8) Can you explain how your writing process might differ from other artists?
Greg: Ours is funny cause it’s two people trying to be an entire band. It’s a blessing and a curse sometimes!
Hope: That part can be kind of hard. It’s 50/50, but if one of us doesn’t like something, it’s automatically split down the middle and it’s more difficult to compromise sometimes. But we figure it out!

9) Do you plan to continue releasing EP’s, or jump to a full length album next?
Greg: Not sure about that. Just trying to tour on this one right now! And get the most success out of it.
Hope: Yeah, we haven’t decided, that probably won’t be discussed until next year!

10) Is there anything else you may want to plug, or say?
Greg: Go check out “Long Live”! You are listening to music made by two people who really really want to truly do this for a living and are good friends while doing it. We have the best intentions and won’t let all of you down. Your support is super appreciated.
Hope: Thanks so much for checking out the record if you have! We appreciate you opening up your ears to VISTA.

You can listen to Long Live here!

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