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Up-and-coming country artist, Natalie Alexander, has recently released her debut EP. The release, titled Natalie Alexander, has been making waves on country radio stations nationwide with Alexander’s singles “Cruel” and “I Don’t Want To Catch My Breath.”

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1) Natalie Alexander is a new name in the music world. Can you tell reader’s about yourself?
I’m from Sonoma County, but I live in LA. I’m 20. My favorite food is sushi and I’m addicted to coffee. Most importantly, I love country music!

2) What are your goals in music?
My goal is to create music that people can relate to, whether that be through sharing my stories or the stories of others. I want to be uniquely me and be true to my own sound, and continue to develop artistically.

3) In your bio, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are listed as big influences on you. Can you share more about what it is about them that draws you in, and what they have taught you about music and life in general?
I’ve always looked up to Taylor Swift, from her debut album that I blasted in my CD player in the 6th grade, to her constant innovation and ability to reinvent herself like she has with her latest release. Regardless of the genre, she dominates and I think that speaks to her strength and versatility as an artist. Watching her through her career has taught me so much not just musically but also personally by watching her life. I admire her ability to shake off the haters and the negativity that surrounds her in the spotlight and be true to herself and her music.
4) Your debut self-titled EP was released over the Summer. Did you have any expectations prior to the relase?  
I had no expectations. This EP was an extremely private project up until it’s release and from the start I started working on this because I love country music, I love to sing and create, and I was passionate about these songs. I had no idea how well it would be received by listeners! It’s been such a fun experience having not only my friends, but random people who’ve found my music contact me through social media to tell me their favorite song or what they thought. It’s all been extremely positive so far and I couldn’t have asked for a better response for my first release.

5) Are you planning on creating any visual elements for your songs?
We are definitely thinking about a music video as a next step and I’m really excited because I think each of the songs would be so unique visually and I could have a lot of fun with them. We will see!

6) What is touring looking like for you? Are there any plans to do anything in that realm soon?
I’m going to start performing soon which is really exciting for me. No definitive plans yet, but I will definitely be announcing performance dates as soon as I know.

7) Is there anyone in specific that you would love to work with in the industry? What about them makes you want to collaborate?
I really like male female collaborations and there are so many talented male artists in country music. Brett Young’s EP was amazing I’d love to work with him. I also dream of writing with Maren Morris (but who doesn’t!!!)

8) Is there anything I missed that you would like to mention? Any upcoming news announcements?
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You can listen to Natalie Alexander on Spotify, or on her Website!
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