The Vans Warped Tour is one of the biggest touring festivals in the music scene. Hundreds of people work together to build the festival in a different city every morning, and keep it running smoothly throughout the day, but don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. In this mini-series, I am making a point to talk to, and highlight as many different people who were a part of the tour as possible. Meet Shaezilla!

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About Shaezilla: I started doing Warped Tour in 2013. That was my first year, and I have been out with Full Sail University every single year. It’s my fifth Summer in a row, and it’s really hot and really gross outside. I work for Full Sail full time back home. I have a normal boring desk 9-5 job, but I really like it! I’m a writer, and I do blog writing, writing for the website, and I do all the emails that Full Sail sends out. They’re kind of shaping me to take on more of like a facial role, so they’re trying to make me the face of Full Sail, which is fun, a little bit challenging, but I’m here for it. On the weekends, I do cosplaying, like Disney cosplaying for birthday parties, cons, special events, and stuff. That’s what I do!

Do you go by Shaezilla full time?
Well, most people call me Shae, but Shaezilla is my name nickname, and I do not mind if people call me Shaezilla. A lot of my friends call me Shaezilla, and then people who know me from the internet call me Shaezilla.

Do you often get associated with Fronz for the name?
No, I did it first. He came up to me one year, and was like “oh, you tryin’ to steal my name?” and I was like “no, I’ve been Shaezilla since 2008. Back when you were on MTV’s MADE.” Soooooo, no, but he’s a nice guy. We just like to give each other shit.

What was your job on Warped Tour?
The kids that generally go to Warped Tour are teenagers, so a lot of them are looking to do college in the upcoming years, or they are looking to see what options are out there. Full Sail University is an entertainment, media, and arts college, so I come out here and setup a 10×20 sponsor tent, hand out free stuff, talk to everybody about Full Sail, give them more information, and then ask them to sign up for information. Not a degree, but just to give them more info., and we go from there. If they like what we do after we contact them, they might become a student.

Does Full Sail offer scholarships?
Yes! We have lots of scholarships. You just have to contact the school to figure out which ones we are running at the moment. Then, we accept outside scholarships, so we tell everyone to research any scholarships you can find because any bit helps.

Is it a 4-year school?
It’s actually not technically a 4-year school because it’s accelerated. You can get your bachelor’s degree in an average of 22-23 months because you are in the classroom 40 hours a week like it’s a full time job. Like it’s your first step into the industry.

Do you have any stories from your time on Warped that you would be willing to share?
My first year out, in 2013, we had Never Shout Never signing in our tent. Christofer Drew used to chain smoke cigarettes in our tent, which I can’t really tell him no, he’s Christofer Drew, and he had a small pile of cigarettes in the tent by the time the signing was done, and some girl came up and asked for one of the cigarette butts, so I gave her the cigarette butt, and she licked it and ran away. It was really gross.

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Photos and interview by Dominique Benedict!