The Vans Warped Tour is one of the biggest touring festivals in the music scene. Hundreds of people work together to build the festival in a different city every morning, and keep it running smoothly throughout the day, but don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. In this mini-series, I am making a point to talk to, and highlight as many different people on the tour as possible. Up first in the series is Francesca Fronzaglio.

20196710_2036533053232124_1871588945_oFrancesca Fronzaglio

About Francesca: I am a Senior at Point Park University in Pittsburgh studying Broadcast Reporting. I graduate early in December and plan on moving to Los Angeles in January if everything goes as planned. I am from a small town called Belle Vernon which is about 40 minutes south of Pittsburgh! I got involved in the industry after working with someone I consider my best friend and sister – we have a press publication called Ear Candy TV. Last summer, we filmed a documentary and I met a ton of friends through that. This year, I decided I wanted a different experience, so I volunteered for Music Saves Lives, Canvas Foundation and Can You Hear Me on the first three dates. On the fourth date, I worked with Hopeless Records but was hired that day in Vegas for The Entertainment Institute. I got my suitcase and belongings out of my friend’s car and that evening, I jumped on the production bus and was beginning my journey of working at warped tour (which is still surreal and crazy to me).

What was your job on Warped?
My job was Sales with TEI so every morning I would walk the lines and sell tickets for the TEI classes, wait at the entry of the doors to sell tickets when kids would rush in, and walk around during signings/outside of bands tents selling the tickets. I also would help check in people at the front of house for their tickets and give them their name badge which was their “ticket” to hang backstage with the musician they chose.

Do you have any stories from this Summer you would be willing to share?
I have lotsssss of stories I could share.
I have been called a bitch, asked why we have faggots and queers at warped tour and even been asked if they can go backstage with me instead not the bands. It would be only 10:30-11am and my mood would be completely shot. It was the St Pete date where I was called a bitch by a guy with a Neck Deep tank top on. I went back to the tent and told Dani Washington, the drummer of Neck Deep, and someone I made good friends with on tour this year. He said if I find him, I’ll let you know. Low and behold, the guy went to the Neck Deep signing and Dani called him out, left the signing and walked him back over to our tent to apologize to me. It was something so small that had me crying when they left and I am forever in debt to Dani. He also saved my life the one day in Charlotte hahaha. There was a legit tornado storm and everyone’s tents went flying, there was a huge dust storm because we were in a festival area with straight up dirt and yeah it sucked. Dani went flying up to grab the tent but instead he was just swinging from it trying to pull it down but as I was in the tent, a pole was about to fall on my head and he grabbed me and pulled me away just in time. I still have a pretty scuffed up, scarred knee and my shoulder is bruised but that is sooo much better than getting a concussion. I then went on the guys’ bus and their tech guy cleaned up my knee so once again, I owe them my life hahaha.
It was the St. Pete date where I was crying happy tears ( I’m kind of emotional. I think I cried everyday at warped to be honest.) A mom took her daughter to her first concert and I want to say she was only 14. Her mom is all about supporting her daughter and doing whatever she loves. Well, her daughter always wanted to meet Andy Black so she bought a ticket for the TEI class and they both were sooo excited and kept talking about how they’re about to meet and hang out with him. When they came back, her mom was tearing up and saying thank you to me for coming up to them in line and offering to hang out with Andy. It ended up, Andy sang to her happy birthday and that was the highlight of her entire life. Her daughter was even crying because it was a dream come true and knowing that I impacted someone’s life like that means the world to me. I remember being that girl with All Time Low and if anyone helped me in any way for meeting them – they inspired and changed my world. I’ve always just wanted to impact someones life and it was then where I knew I was where I need to be and doing the right thing.

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Photo credit to Dieter Unrath.