Wednesday night in Little Rock, Ark., the Half God/Half Devil tour featuring Little Miss Nasty, VIMIC, Motionless In White, and In This Moment packed the Metroplex so full that I’m honestly not sure that the venue could have held many more people!


Before I go any further, let me point out that I live in Arkansas. A place that bands rarely ever come to more than once or twice in a few years, and venues rarely ever fill up for rock concerts.
It was so exciting to see how that has changed recently, especially at this show! I have never seen such an excited and full crowd at the Metroplex.


Little Miss Nasty is a rock n’ roll burlesque group that has two sets each show. The first being the opening act, and the second right before In This Moment hits the stage. Before this night, I had never witnessed burlesque before. The change was so much fun! I had the privilege of talking to the dancers early that evening to learn more about Little Miss Nasty, and what goes into making each show an experience. You’ll be able to read that within the next week!


VIMIC is a band I did not know much about prior to the show. The extent of my knowledge was that Joey Jordison drummed for the band, and that was enough to have me stoked to see them live! They put on a genuine rock performance without theatrics and such, which provided a nice mixture to the tour lineup considering theatrics are a huge part of the other performances.


Motionless In White is a band I never pass up on an opportunity to see. Ghost is actually one of my favorite subjects to photograph due to his constantly changing look, and each time I see them, I make it my goal to get a new completely unique shot of him to print. Motionless’ setlist this tour is one that should please everyone too (with the exception of those few people who make a point to spread hate). From Eternally Yours to America, they play a wide range of their discography.

(*Side Note* Their video for “America” is my favorite modern music video to watch of all time. Watch for yourself!)


In This Moment headlined with a jaw-dropping performance. This was my first time experiencing such a vibrant and visual event, and the grace that Maria appeared to have as she sang made me never want it to end! She made sure that each song told its own story, and that really stood out to me. This tour is one that will stand out as a favorite of mine for a long time, and I hope everyone makes the trip to go see an upcoming date of the tour!


In This Moment’s brand new album, Ritual, came out yesterday and it is DEFINITELY a must-have! Pick up a copy at your local music store, or online and enjoy it!

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If you enjoyed these photos, please pick up a ticket to one of the remaining tour dates! The Half God/Half Devil tour is in Dallas tonight, so get your ticket and head on out.

My interview with Little Miss Nasty including portraits, more photos from their show, and more will be up within the next few days, so keep an eye out for that too!

Photos and words by Dominique Benedict.