A couple months back, Little Rock, Ark. was graced with the presence of rock n’ roll band The Unlikely Candidates. Since then, the band has played many other shows, released a brand new music video, and started working on a full length album!

I got the chance to ask vocalist Kyle Morris all about The Unlikely Candidates and the creative process behind the music. Check out the interview below!

1) Can you give readers a bit of a history lesson on how The Unlikely Candidates came to be and how you have made it to where you are now?
Cole and I were hanging out at a friend’s house while we were in high school and covering some Box Car Racer song. We were drunk and just joking around, but for some reason I had an ah ha moment. I wanted to hold on to that feeling forever. I had never sung in front of people, but it was easy with Cole. Neither of us had ever even written a song, but we started writing for hours every day to try and figure it out. Really that some drive and resilience to not knowing what we were doing but doing it any way led us to where we are today.

2) You recently released a video for “Violence.” I read that the song was written in the perspective of an abusive relationship while being about police brutality. Can you explain how you created the video concept, and how it relates to the mindset you had while writing the lyrics to the song?
The video was supposed to be a live video of our show, but the video guys and I wanted to get some extra shots of me hanging around outside. I started singing to it and the whole thing snowballed into an actual video. The setting and attitude reminded me of an early 90’s rap video. A lot of those songs had similar subject matter to what I wrote for “Violence” so I ran with that vibe. I look a little unhinged in the video, which is usually how I preform that song. I think it reflects that madness and frustration associated with an oppressive relationship. Pushed over the edge emotionally.

3) From all of the constant touring, you have gotten to play alongside some of the greatest artists out there. Are there any that stand out to you? What made that specific opportunity special?
We got to tour with Blue October and just seeing how much emotion Justin brings to his performances made a lasting impression on me. Every night he lives his words for everyone to see on that stage. It was pretty inspiring. Dead Sara was one of the best live bands I have ever seen. Blew my mind. The singer and the guitarist thrashed past each other back and forth in a synchronized fashion. They looked like dancing wraiths. Pretty rad.

4) Are there any artists in particular you haven’t shared a stage with that you hope to?
The Strokes and the Gorillaz. Two favorites of mine.

5) What are your goals for The Unlikely Candidates?
Write a modern classic. Buy a band castle. Consistently be able to reach the level of artistry that satisfies me and can both affect people and give them something to sing along to.

6) Can you explain the creative process behind making music as The Unlikely Candidates?
Brent will make a production in our little studio room and then I will come in and start freestyling over it. Once I get a melodic structure then I will start filling in lyrics.

7) How might your writing/creative style differ from others?
Not sure, everyone has a different way of doing it so it’s hard to say what would stand out. Brent and I go back and forth separately and kind of tag team the song. That’s probably slightly more unique.

8) Out of all of the songs on your EP Bed of Liars, is there one that stands out to you as a favorite? Why?
“Violence” is one of the coolest songs we have written so I would say that would be my favorite. My vocals have this kind of sly craziness to them that I really nailed on that one.

9) It has been 5 months since your release of Bed of Liars. Is a full album next, or do you plan to release another EP? Is there already music in the works for it?
Full album, slated for later this year. That’s actually what I am doing now. Trying to get all the tracks finalized for the album and the art done.

10) What is next for The Unlikely Candidates?
Just pushing “Violence” as the new single and getting this album out. Trying to get some new music out there for our peoples. Shout out to the peoples.

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Promotional photo taken by Zach Burns.