Inertia is an alternative rock band out of California that are releasing a brand new album, The Process, on June 2nd.

This band is one that is bound to be the biggest in upcoming years, so check these guys out! We spoke to vocalist Dillon Forst about their upcoming album, future plans for the band, and more. You can check that interview out below.

1) Can you explain how Inertia came to be?
Singer songwriter Dillon Forst and Guitar Player Zack Harris joined together to write music and create a new flavor of sound found completely absent in their local rock music scene. In 2014, Zack reached back out to Dillon who had previously played the drums for their first band “Memoirs of a Blackened Sky,” but this time with a request to have him sing for the band and later on to play piano and guitar while singing.

2) Positivity seems to be an important message within the band. Why is it so important to you to keep that?
I’m glad that you noticed that. Positivity seems to me to be a choice. Coming from extreme depression, I (Dillon) really wanted to give people a band and a record to cling to with hope. Growing up the album On Letting Go by Circa Survive really influenced me to keep fighting for what’s right, to keep living and make life meaningful. That testimony is found in our sound, lyrics, and image a lot . We aren’t perfect people or perfect musicians, but we do make an honest effort to have a positive impact on society. This record is that proverbial flame and we aim to carry it for as long as our hearts are beating.

3) What do you hope to achieve with Inertia?
Save people’s lives through the music, provide hope, inspire, play intimate 10 person cafe gigs where the whole crowd knows every word and 10,000+ crowds who have never heard of us, but enjoy our sound. Those are just a few of our short and long term goals.

4) Your new album The Process is set to release on June 2nd, and it is absolutely phenomenal! Tell reader’s why they should check out your music.
If you love rock, metal, or catchy lyrics that you can sing along to that still have meaning, then our record might be right for you. We think many people will love this album, and we’re hoping if you are stuck on an island with only 1 record that this would be the record of choice.

5) Can you pick a favorite song from the album, and explain the meaning behind it?
The Run, it’s easy to give up. Making the choice to keep on living , dreaming and fighting for survival is to me a big part of what makes us human. Some people that shape us into who we are can be found left behind in our minds and our memories. If we continue to hold on to life, even if only a day at a time, you’ll find the voice of those who have shaped you permanently etched into the foundations of our hearts. This song serves as a reminder to carry on, a reminder to keep fighting, and never give up no matter what happens.

6) Who/what are some things that personally inspire you?
Poetry, Painting, Fiction, Fantasy, Skateboarding, watching plants and people grow, making people smile, and making friends laugh. These things are nice and inspiring to us. Oh, and who can forget anime and video games. Those two subjects inspire us a lot musically.

7) Growing up, were you always certain that music was in your future?
Just a distant dream to be a rock star. I remember one day I told my father I wanted to make $20 an hour. This was 20 years ago and I was 5. He said “son you are living a pipe dream, yeah right.” I was so focused from that point on having a regular job, a family, and kids when I grow up that it didn’t even occur to me that I could pursue this dream. I only played music every day for fun. Then, I realized that years had gone by and I had developed talent. Being in a band previously with Zack, we had a chance to watch each other grow. This is a venture we didn’t see coming, but I am excited to be here.

8) Are you planning to tour in support of The Process? If so, where do you plan to go?
In mid August we tour through Southern and Northern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. If we sell enough records or merch or get some paid gig opportunities to travel, we would love to go to all 50 states, Japan, Canada, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and South America. That’s the dream.

9) Is there anything that you would like reader’s to know?
Nobody’s perfect and we’re all bound to make mistakes. Learn to forgive. Be a friend to someone else, just the way that you want someone befriend you. Don’t be afraid to try again. Never think you are too proud to say or be sorry.

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