Last Wednesday night, Stickyz Rock N’ Roll Chicken Shack had The Unlikely Candidates grace their backroom stage.


This was the final date of the People’s Choice Tour before heading home to rest up from a very long run.


Regardless of them being eager to make it home and a few just getting over being sick on the road, they played their hearts out on and off that stage. At one point, Kyle (vocalist), jumped off of the stage and danced around the floor.


While I was photographing the other members, Kyle put his arm around my shoulder and sang directly to me! There was also a table of girls in the venue that Kyle walked out to on their last song to have them sing “Follow My Feet” along with him.


The energy of the band and catchiness of their music definitely makes them a must see anytime they come through your city.

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Photos and words by Kurt Lunsford.