The Running Lights is an up-and-coming band that is soon to be a household name. They are a pop/rock trio who released their very first single “Once Upon A Time” on March 31st. Prior to the release of their original music, the band used YouTube as a platform to grow their fanbase with covers of songs such as Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” Elllie Goulding’s “On My Mind,” and more.

The Running Lights is made up of Mike Squillante (vocals), Steve Rannellone (drums), and Nick Squillante (keyboards).

We had the chance to talk to the band and learn more about the band and their goals.

1) The Running Lights is a relatively new band. What do you want people to know about your band before checking you out?
Mike: We (have) done this completely ourselves thus far. We’re proud to be an extremely self-sufficient band. We’ll never take anything for granted.

2) You released “Once Upon a Time” on March 31st. Can you give some background on the track?
Mike: We wanted to have a track with that rolling bass sound reminiscent of modern Taylor Swift coupled with the lonely heart aspect of The 1975 or Nick Jonas. Once we got a groove together with a bass progression the rest of the production took shape quickly over the course of a day, the song, the lyrics, everything. “Once Upon A Time” is a reverse fairy tale told from the point of view of a hopeless romantic. I think we’ve all been in that position at least once in our lives. It’s knowing your entire love story, every precious memory, every tender moment, every laugh and every tear before any of it happens. The one thing you don’t know is how it begins, how to tell someone that you’re head over heels for them and you have been for some time. Each song on our forthcoming EP is written in that top 40 pop format. They touch on the general idea that although people may seem like they’re cool with a tough exterior, there is often a storm of different emotions brewing beneath their skin.

3) Is “Once Upon a Time” a preview of what upcoming releases are going to sound like, or are you more of a go with the flow make every song sound how you feel kind of band?
Steve: Probably more on the side of “go with the flow.” Sometimes a groove will come into our heads and we’ll bounce it around until we have a polished product; rather than go in with a predetermined mindset.

4) How does your past in the music industry affect how you work within the band?
Mike: I learned pretty much everything I know about live production from touring as a keys/guitar player with Melanie Martinez for Atlantic Records. We run a series of backing tracks and triggers, kind of like Twenty One Pilots, and it requires a lot of behind the scenes work to get everything run just right onstage.

5) Prior to releasing “Once Upon A Time,” you recorded and shared covers on YouTube. Will you continue doing so now that original content is being released, or was that more of a way to hype the listeners?
Mike: Absolutely! We’ve got a few more covers planned.

6) Growing up, what artists and types of music influence you? Has your taste changed drastically since then, or do you still find yourself listening to the songs you grew up on?
Mike: I learned just about everything I know about songwriting from The Beatles. Now I’m obviously listening to more modern stuff. John Mayer is a huge influence as well as Zedd with his Mozart like arrangements.
Nick: I’ve been super into Jon Bellion lately. He’s definitely the next big name in pop, if not already.
Steve: Blink-182, Sum 41, and The Offspring to just name a few. There are so many other groups with much less fame that have molded me into the drummer I am today.

7) Have you always known that you were going to dedicate your life to music, or was it something that just happened?
Mike: Always. No question about it.

8) Where do you see The Running Lights being in the next 5 years?
Steve: Playing at MSG in front of thousands of people that have gone out of their way to enjoy our music with us. I’ve seen some of my favorite bands play at MSG and I don’t see why we can’t do the same.

9) What is your dream for the band?
Steve: To hit it big and play the biggest shows with the baddest bands!

10) Is there anything I missed, or announcements you want to make? What’s next for The Running Lights?
Mike: We’re playing Rockwood Music Hall stage 2 on May 24th at 10pm, Rough Trade at 9:15 in Brooklyn on June 2nd, and Gold Sounds in Brooklyn on June 13th at 8pm!

You can go here to follow The Running Lights on all of their social medias and keep up with the band!