Little Rock, Ark. has been a hot spot for rad rock shows lately! Out Came The Wolves, Born of Osiris, and Motionless In White were the latest bands to stop by the Metroplex Live and absolutely kill it.


Out Came The Wolves kicked off the night with a hard hitting show that captured the attention of everyone in the venue.


Watching how these guys interact with each other on stage and off was something that made me happy to see. The excitement towards fans that they show while performing is genuine, and that is something that every fan should look for when finding their new favorite band.


Born Of Osiris was a super heavy set that left me wanting to see more. Energetic is the first word to come to mind when I think of their show.


While I sadly don’t have a photo of it, there were flips, jumps, and more that just left audience members hooked of the performance!


As always, Motionless In White absolutely stole the show with a stage setup that makes you feel like it’s Halloween year-round.


The band played a variety of songs from their new album Graveyard Shift, which was just released at the beginning of the month, along with songs that normally get skipped over when planning a setlist for tour! It truly was a show for fans of the band that don’t just enjoy the hits they hear on the radio.


The band closed the show with “Immaculate Misconception,” which led to everyone in the crowd chanting the lyrics back at them.


If you haven’t already, check out all three of these great artists! You can catch Motionless In White back in town with In This Moment in July!

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