On the evening of May 16th, some of the most talented performers in music stopped in Little Rock, Arkansas to kick off a tour in support of Danny Worsnop’s debut solo album The Long Road Home.

Kirk Baxley-8089

A true artist treats a show in front of 10 people just as they would if it were 10,000, and these musicians did just that!

Sarah Ross-8343

Between the countless stage shots, playful banter between everyone on the tour, and amazing music, I couldn’t imagine a show to be more fun. Anyone could see that the people on this small run of shows are more like a family than any of the other touring acts around.

Danny Worsnop-8848

Kirk Baxley, an artist I had not listened to prior to this night, put on such a lively performance including a cover of Arkansas native Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue.”

Kirk Baxley-8135

Sarah Ross, one of the friendliest ladies you will ever meet, then proceeded to blow minds with her dynamic vocal range.

Sarah Ross-8337

After Sarah’s fun performance, Danny Worsnop and his band of brilliant musicians took the stage. Worsnop played his new album, The Long Road Home, in its entirety along with one of the most special songs he has ever written, “Moving On.”

Danny Worsnop-8736

The amount of sheer talent Worsnop and his band possess is absolutely incredible. With a touch of blues, twang of country, and the attitude of a rocker, the set was one that no one could possibly dislike.

Danny Worsnop-8526

If you haven’t already, please go buy a copy of Danny Worsnop’s new album, The Long Road Home! You can buy a copy here.

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