Monday’s… normally, everyone hates them, but when a killer band like Like Moths To Flames is in your town, is it really that bad?

LMTF (4 of 1)Like Moths To Flames

The show this band put on was heavy, fun, and like no other. A venue like Vino’s is so small and intimate that fans can literally sit on the stage and no one says a word, so with the close proximity between the band and the crowd, interaction between everyone was a given. I remember one guy in the crowd pretty much invited the vocalist, Chris, to his house because they both loved Harry Potter! Everyone thought it was hilarious.

LMTF (9 of 1)Like Moths To Flames

There was a local band that played right before LMTF that I have to mention. Census, a band out of Hot Springs, Ark. put on such an energetic performance that was impossible to not enjoy.

Census (12 of 1)Census

If that picture doesn’t make you want to be at this show, then I don’t know what will! Census is a band that you will be hearing a lot more from in the future.

Census (4 of 1)Census

Here are some more photos!

Census (7 of 1)Census (11 of 1)Census
LMTF (8 of 1)LMTF (6 of 1)LMTF (7 of 1)Like Moths To Flames

Photos and words by Dominique Benedict. Please do not repost photos without giving credit. See more of Dominique’s work on Instagram (@dominiquesphoto).

Special thanks to Tier None Productions for always booking the best shows in Little Rock!