Like many of the dates on ‘The American Nightmare Tour,’ the Dallas, TX one sold completely out! The venue was packed from corner to corner with screaming fans and hardcore music fanatics.

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Opening up the show was Beartooth. It is not often that the opener of a show packs a venue, and captures the viewers complete attention, but Beartooth did just that! You could literally hear every lyric being screamed back to Caleb Shomo (vocals), and that was amazing to witness. Many fans came just to hear Beartooth, and it was obvious why. No band puts on a straight up rock show quite like these guys do.

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Underoath was up next, and fans went absolutely bonkers when members first step foot on stage! It was so much fun to hear the classic songs hardcore fans have been listening to for years, and actually seeing the band play together again live. The band has been back together since 2015, and still playing shows just as mind blowing as if they had never broken up!

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There is no doubt in my mind that the next time these bands tour together, it will be in an arena!

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Be sure to check out the remaining dates of the tour, and go to a show near you to see these artists in action! Check out the rest of the photos below:

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Photos and review by Dominique Benedict. Credit is required to re-post any images, and please ask permission before doing so. See more of her work on Instagram (@dominiquesphoto).