Pop-punk fans, listen up! Today, we are highlighting an up-and-coming band out of Ottawa, Ontario called Bearings. They recently released a music video for their newest single “North Hansen.” Read our interview with Ryan Culligan (guitar/vocals) of Bearings below, and then watch the video.

1) Bearings has recently released “North Hansen.” What has the response to that been like, and what specifically about the song do you think has caught so many people’s attention?

The response to “North Hansen” has been remarkable. We’re so happy people are connecting with it and sharing it around. It’s a very personal song to our lead singer and we’re very proud of how it came together. I think people were caught off-guard with it a bit because it doesn’t sound like our previous work, but it definitely feels like the right direction for our songwriting.

2) This is a classic question, but what is, in your opinion, the ultimate tour lineup?

We all have so many different bands we love, but I’ll just be straight up with it. Blink-182, Metallica and Taylor Swift, with us opening the package. Gotta dream big.

3) What are your goals as an artist?

We just want to be able to tour as much as possible and live comfortably doing that. We all love writing music and playing live. To be able to do that every day around the world would be amazing. Hopefully meeting tons of new people along the way to share that with.

4) For people who don’t already know, explain what Bearings is all about, and what you want people to take away from your music.

We write our songs from a pretty personal standpoint and take the process pretty seriously. We always try to put in our maximum effort when crafting our songs, but we also have a light-hearted side to us. We’re really easy going people and love to have fun, but we want our songs to be something we’re very proud of.

5) What artists inspire you either in life or artistically?

There’s so many to name. We all have a ton of different genres and bands we’re into, the list goes on and on. For me personally I have been in love with anything Will Yip does lately. Bands like Turnover, The Menzingers and Title Fight have a big influence on me. Then on another note I absolutely love hardcore so I’m a bit all over the place.

6) Of all of the shows you have played, what has been the most memorable, and why?

At this point I’d say it was a tie between opening up for Like Pacific in Toronto and our EP release show last year. Like Pacific are big brothers to us and it was an incredible show to be a part of. Our EP release show was just so much fun with tons of friends. It was a house show and the place was packed. Such an unforgettable night.

7) If you weren’t playing music, what do you think you would be doing?

I really never think about that because its always been the thing I wanted to do and has always been a huge part of my life. I guess I would be in a business course in school maybe, trying to further my education. That or watching Tom Brady highlights until the end of time.

8) What can fans be looking forward to from Bearings?

We are planning on hitting 2017 super hard. We have a number of tours being booked and have more songs coming out very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Interview and words by Dominique Benedict.