Homesafe from Chicago came through Buffalo, New York on their tour packaged with pop-punk act Life Lessons and Chase Huglin, the single person acoustic act. Opening up the show was Buffalo, New York locals The Second String and Sleepfirst.


 First band to hit the stage was The Second String. Female fronted pop-punk was something I never really got into personally, but these guys pulled it off very well! Even with nerves being apparent at the beginning of the set, vocalist Maddie Radwan loosened up quickly and showed her true colors up on stage. Interacting with the crowd and cracking jokes made it very hard to believe that this was her first gig with the band. After seeing the first band up, I knew that it was going to be a good show.

second-string-8(The Second String)

Next up was Sleepfirst, a 4 piece emo band from Buffalo with a very raw sound. The vocals, although really in your face at times, definitely got the message across with the melodic guitar almost softening the screams of the vocalist. Definite influence from Tiny Moving Parts was obvious, and I was very happy with the set.


 After the local acts finished playing came the first of the touring package, Chase Huglin. I was very surprised (not doing my research) that it was him, and only him, up there with an acoustic guitar. It was a change in pace from the rest of the bands, but it was very nice. While on stage he made some friends with locals having just a bit (too much?) of fun and even through the sense of sadness in his songs, he did an amazing job of lightening up the crowd.

chase-huglin-1(Chase Huglin)

After Huglin, Life Lessons took the stage. A very high energy pop-punk band, and that is to say the least. There were more posi-jumps in this set than I could count and I don’t think I could have been any happier! (Who doesn’t love posi-jumps?) Locals were up front at the stage screaming the lyrics and having an amazing time.

life-lessons-11(Life Lessons)

After all was said and done, Homesafe was up, and they came out roaring. They took no time getting everyone stoked for their set. They have everyone up to the stage, screaming along lyrics, jumping and even threw a solid circlepit in there! All in all this show was a lovely change of scenery for me. Usually, I am more into the punk and hardcore scene, so it is nice to switch it up sometimes and go for something softer. I would definitely recommend checking out all of these bands on social media and purchasing their music!

The Second String:


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Photos and words by JR Kingdon, Please do not repost without proper credit.