On January 5th, Kitchener band, Romancer, stopped by The Doors in Hamilton during their short stretch of shows for the beginning of 2017.


The Doors, being what seems to be an old house converted into bar and music venue, is fairly small and dimly lit, but set the perfect mood for Romancer’s set. All throughout the night, people poured in for supporting locals Heads Up!, Atlantic Division, and Perfect Limbs getting more and more rowdy as the night went on. When Romancer started their set, it was made clear that everyone was there to see them. The venue was packed and everyone was screaming out lyrics and moving to the riff powered melodies the band supplied.


Throughout the set, the band thanked everyone for coming, and you could tell they were very happy with the turnout. These guys are definitely a band that loves their craft and would enjoy playing for any number of people as long as it means they get to have fun doing so, meet new people interested in their music, and play some wicked tunes!



Romancer is 100% a band to keep an eye on in 2017 because they’re leaving their mark on the Ontario music scene and it won’t be long until they are pushing their way into other provinces and the US!









Photos and review by JR Kingdon. Photos are not to be altered in any way, and credit is required to repost.