Just over halfway through their tour with 3 Pill Morning and Spoken, Dayshell announce that they are returning home for the year to “deal with internal issues.” Read the statement posted to the band’s Facebook below.

“Hello everyone, we have some upsetting news to tell you all. Unfortunately we had to drop off our current tour with 3 Pill Morning and Spoken. We are terribly sorry and hope everyone will understand our decision. Also, we want to thank each and everyone of you that came out to a show and supported us. We love you all! 
At this moment in our career we are dealing with some internal issues with our team and are in the process of making changes. Also this winter weather finally got to Shayley and sadly he caught a cold and lost his singing voice. So giving the circumstances we felt it was best to cut our losses and head home to our family’s to evaluate and figure out our future in 2017. 
Don’t you worry! We will back back on the road to see all your faces ASAP! If you been following us since the beginning then you know we can overcome any obstacle. This is just a bump in the road. A little time is needed to get this all figured out. 
– DayShell”

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